ModelCentro’s Andrea Fioriniello Keeps Business Moving

ModelCentro’s Andrea Fioriniello Keeps Business Moving
Rhett Pardon

Andrea Fioriniello, ModelCentro’s business development manager, and his team are coming off of a big win at the 2017 XBIZ Awards, as the platform earned its second XBIZ Award — this year as Web Solutions Company of the Year.

The win was deserving for the ModelCentro platform — a content management system and turnkey website creator  which had a banner year with the number of stars who latched onto the promise of new revenue and new fans.  

The beauty of the platform is that models have total control of their site. Models set the price and keep control of their domains and rights to their content; we are just a means to their success.

And it wasn’t just a big year for ModelCentro; its sister company, AdultCentro, earned its seventh XBIZ Award. In 2017, AdultCentro was honored with Content Provider of the Year.

Fioriniello, who also manages affiliates for MCProfits, recently chatted with XBIZ about new platform developments at ModelCentro that are making a difference.  

XBIZ: Let’s hear about what ModelCentro has to offer for models.

Fioriniello: ModelCentro is a platform that gives adult performers the tools to create and manage their own membership website with a wide range of tools. Everything on the platform is point and click and designed based on models’ requests.

The beauty of the platform is that models have total control of their site. Models set the price and keep control of their domains and rights to their content; we are just a means to their success.

The ModelCentro Platform includes many great features — free hosting and billing, live show feature (both free and PPM), social media integration and content watermarking, just to name a few.

XBIZ: Tell us about your role with ModelCentro?

Fioriniello: As business development manager for ModelCentro, my role is to recruit new models and studios. I am currently focused on recruitment primarily in the U.S. and Latin American markets.

Additionally, I assist current studios and models with implementation, customization and optimization of their individual ModelCentro sites. I am also currently overseeing platform developments and managing ongoing and new deals with affiliates for MCProfits.

XBIZ: How about MCProfits. Why should affiliates stop everything they are doing and sign up now?

Fioriniello: Affiliates should register with MCProfits because we have a competitive product. Our affiliate program has a portfolio of more than 160 models and that number is increasing every week; no other affiliate program can offer the same quality and high-volume portfolio to its affiliates. Additionally, every site in MCProfits is brimming with unique, exclusive and unsaturated content, ideal for promotion and customer retention. We offer free hosted galleries, zip packages, promo clips and banners. At MCProfits we are consistently looking to new developments and ways to advance promo tools which will integrate with any kind of site and traffic.

Affiliates can promote anything from famous porn stars to playmates to amateurs. You name it, we have it!

XBIZ: Recently, Terpon signed on with ModelCentro to create streaming virtual reality webcam portals for models. Is it time for models to jump on board with VR? What are some of the benefits, costs?

Fioriniello: I think this is the best moment to start working with VR not only for models, but for everybody. VR content is available on almost every adult site now. Production companies are shooting more in VR so independent models cannot afford to stay behind.

The market is changing so quickly, and we saw the same thing happen with mobile in the past. Terpon is the best fit for models. They provide the core technology at a fair price. We are thrilled to work with them and give models that use our platform another tool to remain competitive.

XBIZ: What’s else is coming up for the company this year?

Fioriniello: As it goes there’s always something in motion. Currently our team is working on new features for our platform. They are devoted and steadfast, and the work is constant -- but it’s necessary to stay competitive.

At present, we are working on implementing a free registration feature for ModelCentro sites. This will work in tandem with a development we are launching that will integrate a storefront feature. Models will be able to sell individual pieces of content as well as physical objects to their fans. Stay tuned for updates!

We are also in the process of optimizing our mobile app and working actively to maximize all the benefits mobile has to offer.

That being said, we just launched, which allows models and influencers to better monetize their premium Snapchat accounts. We provide the billing solution and an easy platform for user management. This is a perfect product for all models to start building content.

To that end, we are already working on an affiliate program for SnapCentro to the benefit of both models and affiliates.

XBIZ: Where do you see the best opportunities for online adult entrepreneurs in the next few years?

Fioriniello: My honest advice to any entrepreneur in the adult industry is to look closely at what sort of content they’re providing, and is that content quality content?

As it stands right now, traffic and volume are what operates the cogs of the system. I think enhanced, quality content will be the key in the next few years.

Look at all the new technologies: VR, 4K screens, smartphones, etc. All products that call for high-quality content.

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to see low-resolution content on a 50-inch screen. What’s the point? Quality over quantity, that’s the bottom line.

XBIZ: Where do you like to travel?

Fioriniello: I grew up in Italy, but I’ve been traveling and living in various European countries since my college years. While living in Luxembourg, I tried to spend most of my vacation time visiting family and friends in Italy.

Having transferred to the U.S. one year ago, I’m anxious to see more of what North America has to offer. But mostly, I have always been fascinated with South America — particularly Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. I’ve met people from each of these countries, and I’ve only heard wonderful things.

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