‘Alternative Facts’ of PC vs. Mac Users

‘Alternative Facts’ of PC vs. Mac Users
Juicy Jay

Now that we live in a world of “alternative facts” it feels like somehow everyone has become a little more critical about what information and data they are digesting, and where it came from.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing. Having people thinking critically about data, studies, and news is a good thing. It also reminds me of the studies that went back and forth showing that eggs and cholesterol were bad for you, only for us to land in the current consensus that there is “good” and “bad” cholesterol. Let’s talk about greasy porn instead of greasy arteries, shall we?

As our world changes and more data is available, we will see more people manipulate it to prove what they want “it to prove — instead of perhaps what it really says.

PornHub recently released data graphic suggesting that PC users watch more Porn than Mac users. I want to say that I’m not anti-Apple and I’m not anti-Mac; I’m just pro everything else. Some of my best friends are Mac users. Somehow this paragraph sounds wickedly racist. Regardless, I’m not suggesting the data is false.

The Next Web picked up the data and exclaimed, “PornHub confirms Windows users are the biggest wankers on the internet.” As a PC user, I could probably care less. I agree that a whole lot of PC users out there are wankers, and not in a sexual way. Like most statistics, however, the interpretation is more important than the data itself. I can suggest with some certainty, that Mac users are “bigger wankers” than PC users.

But how is that possible? It’s pretty clear that PC users are the overwhelming majority in the data with “80 percent Windows” and “14 percent Mac OS.” The data shows pretty damn clearly who the wankers are, or does it?

Much like the evolution to the current argument over what constitutes “fake news” and “alternative facts” it depends what the source is, what their motivations are and what story that source is trying to tell. When it comes to the internet, unfortunately, it often comes down to the attractiveness of click bait and that’s the motivation.

It’s like big companies funding their own studies to show that products are safe when they aren’t, it’s a total conflict of interest. At some point, data will show up that is beneficial to the storyteller or the company marketing a product or service. I should clarify, that this article is not satire and that these figures are real.

What is missing from consideration is actually the market share for PC vs. Mac. The overall share of the computer market (based on operating system) for desktops and laptops has Windows at a whopping 91 percent and Mac at less than seven percent. From that whole pie, only a portion of those people will actually surf porn on the Internet. If we go back to those PornHub statistics, they showed Mac users consuming at 14 percent of the overall traffic to the website.

Combining the basic numbers from both data sets, what it really means is that if you own a shiny Apple desktop or laptop, you are double as likely to watch porn than a PC user. That’s because from the start of the collection of data, the number of overall Mac users is significantly lower than that of Windows users.

Now, if someone would give me some data on how many Mac users are hipsters ordering soy mocha lattes at Starbucks, we could potentially extrapolate how often Mac users are getting laid. I can feel the tweet storm brewing already, so I should clarify — I’m kidding. Nobody cares how often hipsters get laid.

Mac users are bigger wankers than PC users. There, I said it. It might be valuable to increase your porn marketing to Mac users, which might just be double as valuable as PC/Windows users. You can already target just Mac users on most advertising networks (including JuicyAds, which was just crowned Traffic Services Company of the Year by both XBIZ and GFY).

As our world changes and more data is available, we will see more people manipulate it to prove what they want it to prove — instead of perhaps what it really says.

If you’re upset that I called you a wanker, you’re welcome to send me some “Eat a bag of dicks” hate mail from DicksByMail.com if you’re really angry about it. Seriously — you can send anyone a bag of gummy dicks for $20. You can also send your enemies a variety of different kinds of shit (literally — shit). The internet is an amazing place.

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