MetArt Biz-Dev Exec Ready for Busy 2017

MetArt Biz-Dev Exec Ready for Busy 2017
Rhett Pardon

Industry veteran Adam Scheuer sure knows how to start up, steer and guide to growth all sorts of ideas for online adult sites. He’s been on that track and been doing it successfully for more than 16 years.

The MetArt business development director, who joined the Los Angeles-area erotic art network in January 2016, for years helped guide operations at PussyCash/ImLive, where he was one of the first to develop and market live cam sites.

What you see on Met Art is the real deal, beautiful women in high-quality HD erotic photosets and videos.

At MetArt, his career continues to point upwards. This past year has been a good one for Scheuer, a final nominee for marketing executive of the year at the 2017 XBIZ Exec Awards.

And this coming year promises an even better one for MetArt, Scheuer says.

MetArt, he says, is close to launching a new framework for its suite of sites, and that there are so many new projects in the works, it makes him happy “to be part of this great team.”

For this Executive Seat Q&A interview, XBIZ recently sat down with Scheuer to find out more about his role at MetArt and what’s in the cards for this year.

XBIZ: How did you first get involved in the online adult entertainment biz?

Scheuer: In the late 1990s, I started my path toward the online industry. Those were crazy startup days when everyone had a lot of money to spend. After spending time in affiliate and traffic businesses, I moved to online gambling. In 2001 I found myself at an online dating site that did adult matchmaking as well. We started looking for new ventures to get into, and after a while ImLive was born and the rest is history.

XBIZ: Tell us about your role with MetArt?

Scheuer: Besides taking care of affiliates, I work on developing new partnerships and future projects that will bring more revenue to the company.

XBIZ: What sets the MetArt brand apart from other fine erotic photography sites?

Scheuer: At MetArt, we aim for the highest quality in everything we do. We’re focused entirely on natural beauty.

MetArt is the No. 1 erotic site for the world’s most beautiful women, and we ensure that there is nothing fake about any of our models. That doesn’t just mean fake boobs. It means fake tans, makeup, Photoshop. What you see on Met Art is the real deal, beautiful women in high-quality HD erotic photosets and videos.

XBIZ: How about MetArt and live cams? I’d like to hear about those efforts?

Scheuer: Coming from the web cams business, I knew that we needed to treat live cams as an essential part of MetArt’s business as they play a very important role in our online portfolio. MetArt has been working very closely for years with WLs across their brand spectrum because we understand that giving the customer more for their money is the best way to strengthen our brand. You want your customers to come back time and again because they know that we offer the best value for money and the best quality product each and every time.

Our users expect the best from us across all our sites, and they know that our live cams deliver exactly that, the best.

XBIZ: What’s coming up for MetArt in 2017?

Scheuer: The new year sees a wealth of activity at MetArt. We’re currently polishing our new framework which will take all of our sites onto the next level. 2017 will see new localization for our brands and a strengthening of our mobile services. Truth is, there’s so much coming up this year that I’m genuinely thrilled to be a part of this fantastic team.

XBIZ: In your time away from work, what do you like to do?

Scheuer: For me family and sports are very important, and I try to mix between the two. If it’s football with my kids/friends or swimming that I do every day to start the day with a fresh mind. I do it all with big love.

XBIZ: Where do you like to travel?

Scheuer: New York City is where I like to travel — just walking up and down the streets enjoying the city and sitting in a café or at the park.

Besides that, any place with a beach is good for me. I’ve lived most of my life near the beach, and that is where I like to go and relax.