Making the World Go 'Round


It often seems as though there are so many people offering the same thing in this industry that it’s enough to make one want to tear one’s hair out. But if you take a good look at who’s offering what, you’ll see a trend. These people and companies are so competitive with each other that prices stay in the low-to-manageable area.

Competition is good for any business; not just the adult industry: it forces companies to stay honest, prices to stay low, and quality to stay at least decent. Why does it work so well? Let’s say that you run a small content company. The larger content shops have their prices set low enough to make you start to sweat. However, their content has been seen all over the place and might be starting to get a bit stale. Your stuff is fresh and much of it is exclusive.

Things start to even out. You can charge a slightly higher fee for fresher content. Market that well, and soon you’ll be one of the more respected names in the business (in a nutshell). This is the beauty of competition. By offering something that the other guy doesn’t, you’re competing with him.

That’s all well and good, but what if he offers something that you don’t?

That’s competition again. Perhaps, once he saw your fresh content, he wanted a piece of that racket for himself. So he got his trusty digicam and shot some new stuff. Now he has some fresh content but he offers it at his lower price.

What do you do now? You can lower your prices, certainly, shoot more stuff, or offer a nifty special offer. For example, you could offer your stuff at buy-one-get-one-free pricing. Now you’re setting him up to compete more while you rake in the dough.

[banner2]This happens all the time. If you’re going to provide content or services, you’ve got to compete on a serious level to survive. Every day, new people come into the adult industry and you’ve got to fight them to make money.

No one ever said it was easy. The competition is harsh. The players are playing to win. For many of us, this is our sole source of income, and we’re going to be absolutely ruthless in our competitiveness.

But there’s always hope. Learn to make your money and make theirs too. After all, if folks are buying from you, they’re not buying from your competition, and that means that you’re making their money on top of your own.

There’s always going to be ups and downs. That’s life as we know it. But once you learn to make the most of the ups, you won’t have to worry so much over the downs. Take your time and have a good close look at the competition. See what they offer. Check the prices. Then go out and do it yourself, only do it a bit better.

Learn from your competition about what works and what doesn’t. Let them fall on their collective faces while you step over them and collect on their loss. You can easily do this with little to no remorse, because once you trip and fall, they’re going to step over you to take back what you took. That’s competition. It’s harsh, but in the end, it’s from where the money really comes.

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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