A Letter to the Editor

Lynn Godfrey

While the headlines have begun to move on, the whirlwind of controversy over Janet and Justin’s Super Bowl fiasco is still raging – with the adult industry distancing itself from this senseless act that should not be confused with “adult entertainment.” For a common sense perspective on this situation, I present to you the following “Letter to the Editor” I received earlier this week:

Thanks for the great and insightful article “Janet’s Nipple.” I have a few things I would like to contribute to the topic. I feel the Janet and Justin fiasco setback the relationship between the adult industry and mainstream, which was slowly becoming a nice courtship.

The crossover into mainstream was happening for a while, although it was just in the news and was really sensationalized. Nonetheless, mainstream was paying attention to us and gradually bringing adult into people's living rooms through news segments, primetime series, and storylines – in a subtle way.

Janet and Justin brought adult into the mainstream with a shocking in-your-face slap that people did not ask for. Any way you look at it, whether staged or not, it was truly bad judgment and bad business.

First let’s talk about Justin; he mentioned in an interview the day after the spectacle, “What is the big deal? Now it gives people something else to talk about” – this from the mouth of a 22 year old cocky and immature kid who is whoring himself out to make as much money as he can from his appearances on McDonald’s commercials, to Japanese commercials where he is hawking something he doesn’t even care to know about, to an autobiography deal in the UK worth $8,000,000 – to tell us what? All about his short life, and how many cars he has and how he is finally getting laid by a real woman. Now he is quoted as saying he is “shocked and appalled” by the wardrobe malfunction? Excuse me while I lose my lunch like the guy in California who is suing everyone because he threw up his Subway sandwich when he saw the nipple incident happen, and his kids ran screaming, terrified he was a puke monster which emotionally traumatized them – (but that’s another rant issue on the moral problems with our society).

Now on to Janet: Does anybody know why Janet was selected for the Super Bowl considering the controversy with her family, and brother Michael’s child pornography and molestation headlines? I don’t, but I have something to say about it anyway.

I know she is not her brother (though they look the same), but everyone in the world knows what is going on with Michael, and it’s hard to not think of it when you see her. And just days before the Super Bowl, she is in court defending her brother for getting it on with kids…

Unfortunately for her, she is associated with the name. It’s like she is saying: “Hi, I’m Janet and my brother is a child molester, but I am not him, so it is ok to come perform in front of the world and its children, and grind it up like the ‘nasty girl’ that I am.”

Just for the Michael reason alone, what the hell were these studio execs thinking? I would not have booked her on the Super Bowl so the world can be reminded she is a Jackson and for a fleeting minute, reference her child-raping brother. And we all know, every single person had a flash of memory about it when they saw her – how could you separate the two? If you can, then you can compartmentalize much better than I, and I salute your selective memory. That is how I see it. Who cares about a fake tit? It’s the close association to a child molester that pisses me off more about choosing her over a hundred other better and more appropriate artists to perform at this type of event.

I’m not saying what Michael did is her fault, but all those headlines are too fresh for her to be coming out at one of the biggest events of the year to shout “I’m not him” – but she sure proved herself a Jackson at the end of the act.

Just one more snapshot for the Jackson family photo album I guess.

To sum it all up: Janet and Justin’s pockets are too heavy with money that it is clouding their judgment of good sense and appropriate actions; the lines are blurred for them – but not for the television viewing audience.

In my opinion, Janet and Justin ruined a nice developing relationship between the adult industry and mainstream and in the end, took money out of all our pockets and forced us back to square one. Thanks for the peep show; but no thanks!

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