If All Goes Well…


We’ve all been there and done this. Every one of us has said, “If all goes well….” This, ladies and gentlemen, will get you into so much trouble and debt that I vote it be struck completely from your vocabulary. It’s insanity waiting to happen…

Why? Because when we start saying it, we start relying on it. Most of us even drop the “If” part. It’s a small word, easily forgotten.

For different people, the immediate meaning of this little death-phrase can be vastly different. For example, designers can mean it as, “If all goes well, the client will like this design and pay me for it.” Good enough. For an affiliate, it can mean, “If all goes well, the surfers will convert like mad and I’ll get paid massive amounts of cash.”

What we’re forgetting when we say “If all goes well…” is the last part of the whole. For every “if” – there must be a “then.”

“If all goes well, the client will like this design, THEN pay me for it.” Re-read the first use of this sentence and note that I used the word “and” instead of “then.” Now ask yourself why you didn’t notice it.

Most people don’t realize that the two words, “and” and “then” are not interchangeable. One indicates a certainty, the other indicates a possibility. That’s our issue. Because we want to be certain of our income, outcome, etc. we assume it to be so and use the word “and.”

We can’t do that. Nothing is certain but death and taxes, folks. You have to think things through.

For example, I could say, “If all goes well, you folks will read this and like it so much that I’ll get another contract out of it.” I COULD say that, but the reality is that while the article may be liked, I doubt it’ll be liked so much that I’ll get a new contract from it.

So let’s think it through. Instead of saying, “If all goes well…” I’m going to start out with a dose of reality. I’m going to say, “It would be nice if people liked this, but how can I make it better?”

Instead of relying on the “If all goes well” bit, try relying on yourself. Self-analysis and critical thought about what you’re doing will bring in more money than leaving your work to luck.

To those folks who design, write, shoot content, etc., make absolutely certain that you get at least half of your money up front. Deliver your product, then make whatever changes your client needs. In this way, you aren’t relying on “If all goes well.” You’re relying on your abilities and intelligence.

Good business doesn’t come from luck. It comes from hard work and the ability to correct flaws, self-assess, and to overcome whatever Murphy dishes out. You know you can do it; that’s why you’re still here. Ditch the “If all goes well” attitude if you have one, and let’s make some money!

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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