What Can ClickAdu Do for Your Brand?

Stewart Tongue

Clickadu was founded toward the end of 2014 with a team that was initially just eight people but as the network has continued to grow rapidly so has the size of the team providing popunder traffic expertise to many major brands and exciting new startups.

While there are several high-quality traffic networks operating in the adult space these days, Clickadu is different because from their inception the company has focused its efforts on acquiring and distributing popunder traffic exclusively.

Sticking to just one form of advertising has allowed us to become experts in it. -Vadim,

“Sticking to just one form of advertising has allowed us to become experts in it,” recalled Vadim of “We recognize that successful brands need to utilize many traffic streams to maximize their opportunities, but by doing what we do best rather than taking a more general approach we have earned a strong reputation and an excellent ROI for clients seeking high volume pop sources because we can also provide the kind of experienced guidance and valuable publisher sources that maximize each ad spend and minimize the resources our customers allocate to earn profits.”

With a finger on the pulse of the trends shaping the traffic network sector of the industry, we asked Vadim to look forward and give some insights that media buyers can put to use in their campaigns over the coming weeks and months.

“Right now the global trend in traffic is similar to that of general consumer trends,” according to Vadim. “Asian markets are becoming more and more important. India, Malaysia and Thailand have become very important markets for all the ad networks that consider themselves global. However, as we move forward IP traffic and M2M will matter even more.”

“Considering the recent Cisco announcement, there will be impressive growth of IP traffic, so the market will expand fast, and Clickadu will continue to help our clients stay ahead of the curve as we follow the modern trends to cover all the audience needs” Vadim explained. “Also, as we look a little further ahead, a lot of traffic will soon come from a global transformation that is being sparked by the development of M2M (machine-to-machine) communications processes. As always, new technologies will shape future traffic patterns and based on the information now available, video services and content clouds will continue to rise rapidly. In fact, Cisco recently predicted that by 2020 79 percent of all traffic will be covered by video services.”

As a leading traffic network, the primary focus of the Clickadu team is on bringing buyers and sellers together in the most efficient ways imaginable. With a very good technical base, Clickadu is able to keep the traffic losses to the minimum while distributing it in ways that generate the most revenue for advertisers. That explains how Clickadu manages to pay some of the highest rates in the industry to its publishers while keeping prices low for their advertisers.

As the market continues to mature and some clients become entirely self-sufficient, Clickadu continues to evolve its offerings as well. That’s why the network recently announced the launch of a self-service platform for advertisers to go alongside the traffic concierge services it provides for newer clients.

“The self-service platform for publishers has proven to be a huge success because anything that improves the speed and ease of use for someone with extensive experience managing their own ad campaigns reduces the time it takes to put new marketing moves into motion, which is essential to trend-based business strategies and fast acting advertisers,” Vadim said.

“However, we are also continuing to focus on newer traffic accounts and if anyone needs assistance while working with our platform or just has a few questions about the many ways they can optimize their Clickadu accounts, one of our experienced account managers is always there to help!”

Publishers seeking the simplest way to monetize popunder traffic and advertisers looking to cash in on a wealth of properly curated click through sources can learn more by visiting to create a free account, or by contacting the Clickadu team to discuss the specific needs of your business.