In Advance – Or Not?


The issue of pre-payment for content or services in the adult business has been nothing if not controversial. Some demand it, others take half up front, while still others don’t want payment until they have delivered the content.

Let’s take a look at the three sides of this issue... The “pay half now and half when it’s done” side isn’t going to be a really difficult issue, because most people are agreeable to this. However, the “payment up front” seems to have a serious problem: No one seems to want to pay up front for text or design work. The question is, why not?

People pay up front for pictorial content all the time. Is that the only substantial content out there? Are we so sold on pictures and movies that it’s the only thing we trust enough to pay up front for, or is it “just the way it’s done”?

The reason most people don’t want to pay for their text or design content up front is the fear of inferior product or, worse yet, no product at all. Occasionally that happens, but if the provider of the content has an established reputation in the business, then that shouldn’t be a real concern. No well-established provider is going to skip out over a few hundred dollars.

Those who do not deliver payment until after the product is completed seem to have the most instances of skipping out without paying the provider. Never will I suggest to someone that they not accept payment until after they deliver. Unfortunately, it happens that payment is never remitted until after a great deal of nagging and outing on message boards. This just makes everyone involved look bad and is not a good plan.

Keep this in mind: When you’re the provider of the goods, then you’re the one who has the most to lose. You’re being paid to provide for the client. If the client doesn’t like what you have to give, then the client is not going to come back. At the very worst, the client is going to advise others against you, which will truly hurt your business, because in this industry, word travels fast.

If you do well, then the client may well return. He will also spread the good word about you and your stuff. This is what you want. Give the client what he wants, go the extra mile, and make sure you don’t give him an attitude when he emails or calls at 3am in frantic need of something; whether it be a new logo or story or something needs to be fixed. You can charge him a little extra for the rush job, but don’t give him an attitude.

Don’t even think about ripping someone off; that’s bad for business, and I guarantee you’ll never work in this business again.

To those people who are clients, we are working for you, not against you. You’re paying us to provide you with a service or content. If we have been burned too many times, we may well ask for payment up front. If that’s a problem, please check around and see how many others have benefited from our services. If we are well-established, you don’t need to worry about us skipping out on you.

Most content providers or designers are more than willing to work hard to meet your needs. Please don’t be over-demanding, because even though you’re paying for it, we can refuse to work for you again and the word spreads among content providers just as much as it spreads everywhere else. Attitude sucks, no matter who’s giving it.

When all else fails, try using the “half up front, half after delivery” method. It’s a guaranteed way to ensure everyone’s happy with the outcome. Above all else, stay honest, and, (whenever possible), have a good idea of what is wanted before work begins.

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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