There’s Nothing New To Do!


There comes a time when it dawns on you: "I’ve been doing the same thing forever, and I’ve been seeing the same stuff all over the Internet!" The fact that the Internet is full of porn doesn’t (or shouldn’t) bother you. What’s bothering you, like a lot of other people in this industry, is that there’s really nothing very new to promote anymore…

Back in the day when the Internet was new to the world, the people who are today’s porn giants snatched up some seriously good domains and started putting content on HTML pages. (Remember the days where all you needed to know was HTML? Nobody knew it, and if you did, you were golden!)

Those simple HTML pages have evolved, the giants who started out on a whim and a good marketing idea now have millions of dollars, and here we sit, the little people of the world, staring at our monitors and watching our stats like Neanderthals.

But where can there be anything new to promote? Something little or never seen before? The answer may surprise you.

When you have decided that enough is enough, it’s time for you to create. That’s right: you’re going to have to innovate.

Coming up with marketable ideas is not the easiest task in the adult business. Creative thinking doesn’t come easily to everyone, myself included. However, it’s creativity that sells.

Many of the giants are still selling the same stuff they sold way back when. However, they are using innovation to keep their offerings fresh.

Think outside the box. What would you like to see? What would you purchase? Would it be something for the Webmaster, or something for the surfer?

Don’t Limit Yourself
Don’t limit yourself to pornography when you’re brainstorming. Other interests besides tits and ass are out there. There are many other adult venues that you can consider. Research helps.

As a matter of fact, research is a key contributor to the creative thinking process. Know what it is that you need to know before you begin development on that great idea of yours. Don’t get caught with your pants down…

Once you’ve done the research and you’re still adamant about the idea, it’s time to look into financing your new idea. Make up a business plan (yes, I’m serious), put together a good demo and presentation, then go forth and find your financing.

The information I’m giving here is very simplistic, but I only have so much space. Besides, simplicity is often best. Apply the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) rule to your innovation.

No matter what, using your creative intellect will help you. You may think of things to help your conversions, or maybe you’ll think of things to help you market your sites. You might even think of things that your sponsors could use, even if your ultimate goal is to think of something brand new that no one has ever seen or done before.

Whatever your goal is, use your mind. Don’t “play hate,” innovate! Good luck! ~ Tala

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