ExoClick’s Publishing Head Is Passionate About Job

Rhett Pardon

ExoClick’s Ada LLlorca, who leads publishing efforts for the ad network, sure loves the adult webmaster space. And maybe that’s why she can honestly say she’s good friends with the company’s publisher clients.

LLlorca began her career in digital advertising in London back in 2011, where she worked with mainstream entertainment publishers, monitizing their ad spots.

We don’t work with blind traffic; we know where all of our traffic comes from. We don’t segment our traffic for premium and performance based campaigns, everyone has access to the same traffic ensuring everyone benefits from the same opportunities.

She moved back to Barcelona (she is Spanish) in 2013 after receiving an offer from ExoClick to join the publishing team. Since the initial hire, she’s been promoted twice, first to team leader and now head of publishing, where she drives new initiatives, sets team objectives and strategies.

XBIZ recently checked in with Llorca to find out more about her and the publishing arm of the traffic network she manages.

XBIZ: As head of publishing, what is a typical day like?

Llorca: There is no typical day, every day is different and that’s one of the reasons I love what I do!

While I’m on my way to the office I think about the day’s forthcoming meetings. If the goals I set at the beginning of the week are on track and then I prioritize my daily tasks according to those goals.

Over coffee I answer emails and check ExoClick’s admin panel dashboard in order to identify traffic fluctuations across our network of publishers, bids and CPMs. Then I’m on client Skype calls, team meetings, analysis of data and sales reports, sourcing potential new publishers, etc.

XBIZ: When you joined ExoClick three years ago it was your first experience in the online adult space. I understand you quickly began to embrace it. Is there any difference managing adult accounts as opposed to those in mainstream?

Llorca: Yes, there are differences between the two. Mainstream is much more formal that you tend to be dealing more with sales people; in adult you are dealing directly with the publishers/webmasters. Working directly is much more technical, most of the publishers are developers who have built their own sites and platforms so we have to help them with inserting ExoClick’s code within their sites. While they concentrate on site optimization, they leave their business in our hands. Obviously the pressure is higher, but the trust level is also higher, and that is why I’m proud to say that I am also good friends with our publisher clients.

XBIZ: What is ExoClick offering that makes it stand out from the crowd?

Llorca: There are many reasons that differentiate ExoClick from other ad networks.

We are always innovating! In June we became the first ad network to introduce video advertising to the adult industry. This pre-roll in-stream format is already working really well for publishers and they are achieving strong earnings. Advertisers using this format in conjunction with our deep targeting features are also seeing higher conversion rates. This year we also introduced our ad blocking solution NeverBlock, which is available to all ExoClick clients. Publishers have been surprised to see an increased volume of impressions after implementing NeverBlock, they didn’t realize that up to 40 percent or their traffic was being blocked.

Our quality traffic and our publishers! We don’t work with blind traffic; we know where all of our traffic comes from. We don’t segment our traffic for premium and performance based campaigns, everyone has access to the same traffic ensuring everyone benefits from the same opportunities. We have exclusive deals with many of the industry’s biggest publishers that advertisers cannot get access to from any other ad network. The publishing team also works closely with smaller publishers, helping them build up their traffic which in turn increases the monetisation opportunities for their ad offerings.

Full transparency! Some ad networks don’t give clients their statistics until the end of the month, our platform gives clients access to all their big data in real time. We provide free tools for clients to analyse these statistics so that they can make those crucial business decisions immediately. Publishers can monitor their ad zones and traffic and advertisers can track campaigns, conversions and see exactly where their money is being spent.

Our global reach! We offer an incredible amount of volume of impressions, 5 billion a day across our global network of desktop and mobile publisher sites. No other adult ad network offer advertisers the opportunity to scale up their campaigns like we do. Because we are a global network our customer service team speaks nine languages, they work around the clock and always answer client queries within three hours of receiving an email.

XBIZ: How do you, personally, make ExoClick stand out?

Llorca: Well I’m very passionate about my job. I think with any job you have to love what you do in order to excel. The key to driving a successful team is down to communication, trust and having clear goals. I think that we have an outstanding publishing team here at ExoClick that I am really proud to be part of. The same can be said of how we work with our clients, we are totally focused on their ROI, we want them to succeed in the most profitable way. That is how I and the team make ExoClick stand out from the crowd.

XBIZ: Who inspires you in business?

Llorca: I’d say many people who work in the online industry. Many of my publishers for example inspire me. I have seen them grow from young entrepreneurs interested in new technologies to running large revenue generating businesses around the world. Our founder and CEO, Benja [Fonz é], also is a great inspiration for me, he’s young, loves programming and new tech, really geeky, but he has used this knowledge and constant learning to create what is now the 4th-largest ad network in the world.

XBIZ: When not working or thinking about the biz, what do you like to do?

Llorca: I love to hang out with my family. I recently got married and enjoyed an amazing honeymoon in Vietnam and Cambodia. We have a little pug dog called Lola who is so much fun. Sometimes you can catch me on the dance floor shaking my ass to Beyonce and Rihanna.