Form Follows Function


You might consider this another rant, or you might consider this helpful. I bet if you’re considering this a rant, you’re one of the folks who’s making the mistakes I’m about to address.

In any business, not just the adult industry, there are ways to sell something and ways to be thought a complete idiot. If you worked for a Fortune 500 company, you’d be working for a boss who is probably highly demanding.

If you work in porn, your boss is also highly demanding, whether you work for someone or for yourself. You’ve got to want the goods to get the goods. Form follows function.

Recently I stumbled upon a rather funny site, (I’m not mentioning who it was or where I found it. Anonymity is guaranteed). This site was attempting to sell BDSM related content, but using a teen-oriented layout. How many dungeons can you imagine with pink walls and flowery print drapes?

To me, that was just the epitome of laziness. It looked like someone had a teen template lying around and decided to throw some hardcore dungeon stuff in it to see if it worked. If I were a betting lady, I would put my money on NOT for this one.

Am I the only one to see the problems here? Another one I see on a relatively consistent basis is the overuse of a sponsor’s stuff. Over-saturation can be bad news, folks. Free content is good up to a point, but it doesn’t always convert. If it’s already been seen a thousand times, then it’s probably not good to do it again. Take a look around and see what’s out there.

Please remember: If you’re going to be promoting an amateur site, you might have better luck in sales if the site itself looks a bit amateurish. Especially if you’re promoting a single-girl site, you want the site to have a bit of an amateurish feel. You want your surfers to think that your site was made and is updated by the girl in question. This sells.

When you’re putting your sites together, you need to think like the surfer for a moment. Ask yourself, “Would I actually buy something from this site? Would I join this site?”

If you said no, then ask yourself, “Why not?” Figure out what would keep you from purchasing anything from that site and fix it. Being lazy in this business will prevent you from making the money that you could or should be making.

If you’re making free sites, make sure that you’re only promoting one thing or one thing and something else that will sell along with your main thing. For example: Trying to sell grannies on a teen-oriented site will get you no where. Try selling penis pills instead of grannies. That should do better.

Gallery makers usually have to follow a strict set of guidelines, depending on which TGP they send their galleries to, but one thing I will ask of you: PLEASE change your template every few hundred miles. Change the colors, change the layout, change the girls in the pictures, or change the text, SOMETHING, please.

Finally, paysite owners, does your content ever change? If not, my suggestion is that your surfers are going to get really bored, really fast. Changing up your content is one thing that you must do to help retain customers.

If this annoyed you, pissed you off, or infuriated you, chances are I’ve struck a nerve. Figure out which nerve and go take care of it. If this involves you getting off your duff to make site changes, so be it. I sincerely hope that you will start earning more money with the help of the changes you’ve made.

Good luck and take care of yourselves ~ Tala

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