Xgen Products Celebrates 7-Year Anniversary

Alex Henderson

In August, Xgen Products celebrated its seventh anniversary with a special promotion. The winner of Xgen’s Lucky 7 raffle, Xgen announced in late July, would win a three-day, two-night trip for two to Las Vegas, with airfare and hotel included. When the contest was announced, Xgen Products President Andy Green asserted that the company had “come a long way in the last seven years” — and he was not exaggerating. Based in Horsham, Pa., in Montgomery County in the Philadelphia suburbs, Xgen Products went from being strictly a distributor of pleasure products to being a successful manufacturer of them as well. And as the adult industry prepares to enter the fall season for 2016, Xgen Products continues to make its mark both distributing other companies’ pleasure products and creating pleasure products of its own.

“Seven years ago when we started, we were strictly a distributor,” Green explained. “Currently, we have more than 10 brands, with thousands of items that are very successful within the industry — and are distributed by other companies throughout the world.”

We believe in the customer experience at the store level, we provide informative signage and POS displays, product testers, etc.

Throughout its seven-year history, Xgen Products has been based in the Philadelphia area. Green, now in his early 40s, is a native of Philly and a graduate of Temple University, where he attended the Fox School of Business and Management from 1993-1997 and earned a BA in business administration and marketing. Green, after graduating, gained experience in the adult industry when he was working for a distributor, but in the 2000s, he left the adult industry and spent three years managing a high-end watch and jewelry store in Philly. However, Green’s departure from the adult industry turned out to be temporary.

The economic crash of September 2008 took its toll on the jewelry business, and Green went for a change of direction when he founded Xgen Products in March 2009 and decided to focus on the sex toys/pleasure products sector of the adult industry — which proved to be a wise decision, as the company has grown a great deal since then.

Xgen Products offers a variety of products in 2016, from sexy lingerie and accessories to pleasure products like the Bodywand range of massagers and Zolo masturbators for men. Xgen Products distributes brands like Baci Lingerie, Seven ‘Til Midnight Lingerie and Superhero Panties, and its original products range from the Bodywand line of massagers to the Lapdance Lingerie collection to Pleasure Wigs (whose wigs come in black, blue, purple, pink, red and other colors and feature everything from long, curly hairstyles to shoulder-length bobs). Xgen Products is the exclusive North American distributor for Baci Lingerie, whose products include the After Dark, Dreams, Envy Menswear and White Label lines. And in May, Xgen Products announced that they would be distributing Zolo in North America. Zolo’s products have included strokers and masturbators.

“At Xgen Products, we pride ourselves on carrying innovative products at great prices, while providing excellent customer service,” Green stressed. “We also have very focused brands and product lines. Lastly, not carrying an enormous amount of product SKUs allows us to put more of a focus on the best products.”

Asked to cite Xgen Products’ most successful line and/or product, Green replied, “Without a doubt, it is The Bodywand. Since its birth, we have sold over 1 million units. Between the traditional wands, USB-rechargeable wands, mini massagers, gift sets, and more, there is something for everyone. The Bodywand also has a very successful international following. All plug-in wands can be used with multiple foreign plugs, such as Australia, the E.U., and the U.K. Four different languages are also printed on all of the packaging. It is not just another American knock-off. It is the real deal.”

According to Green, Xgen Products’ rapport with retailers has been an important factor in the company’s success. The more helpful Xgen Products are to retailers, Green said, the more likely those retailers will be to acquire or maintain devoted, enthusiastic customers who are anxious to come back.

“We believe in the customer experience at the store level,” Green noted. “We provide informative signage and POS displays, product testers, etc. They are all part of the program and how we continue to expand our customer base. A great experience and great product will keep the customer for life.”

Xgen Products have had fruitful alliances in other countries. In Australia, for example, Lapdance Lingerie is distributed by Lonbrook.

Xgen Products looks forward to the fall season. When Green was asked to name some of Xgen’s upcoming releases, he responded, “The Wandplus. It is 200 percent more powerful than any vibrator on the market released to date. It has eight patterns, along with a track wheel like the original Bodywand, allowing for infinite speeds. The cord is also extra-long, so the user can try all different positions.”

Xgen Products has maintained a strong presence in the adult industry, displaying their products at major trade shows such as the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME), the International Lingerie Show (ILS), Adultex and Erofame. And Xgen Products has been making its presence felt in adult industry awards shows as well. For example, Xgen Products took home the award for Specialty Distributor of the Year at the 2016 XBIZ Awards and the award for Accessory Manufacturer of the Year at StorErotica Magazine’s 2013 StorErotica Awards. But Xgen Products’ marketing strategy has included mainstream marketing as well, and according to Green, Xgen Products is happy to bridge the gap between the two.

“We are constantly trying to bridge the gap between adult and mainstream, while keeping an eye on fashion, lifestyle, shopping and health trends,” Green noted. “Exploring your sexuality is no longer as taboo as it was in years past. Couples are more open to using toys and accessories. And women are extremely cognizant of the products they use. We follow all of these trends and use that information to put out the best products possible.”