Quantox: IT Company Has Familiar Faces

Stewart Tongue

As the adult entertainment business continues to become increasingly specialized and companies focus more intensely on what they do best, a number of highly qualified consulting firms are supplying services that are needed by many brands seeking to maximize their own potential in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Quantox is one of the newer names in that category but is backed by some long-time veterans of adult online, and the rapid success of the company shows they are clearly headed in the right direction.

Though many companies try to succeed without ever meeting their colleagues or getting to know the other people in this industry, Quantox takes a much more welcoming approach and puts a strong emphasis on the value of face-to-face communication at shows and events.

“Quantox Technology was actually started about 10 years ago, with the same core team, but under a different name,” said Lykos, the founder and CEO of Quantox. “This year we rebranded and went out to market under the Quantox name. Currently we are employing 100 people in two offices in Serbia.”

The Quantox name started being promoted in 2016, but Lykos has been active in the industry since way back in 1998 and has headed several successful brands that many industry insiders already know very well. He created platforms including,, and others on his own, but for the past five years he has primarily focused on the outsourcing business.

At first it started when friends asked Lykos to help them with the staffing needs of their companies, and has blossomed into a full service development team capable of providing virtually any service a client may need to deploy their next product profitably.

One key element that sets Quantox apart from other developers for hire is the sheer size of their team.

“With a large workforce like ours, Quantox is able to handle basically any request you put on table,” Lykos explained. “From PHP to MySQL, MongoDB, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML 5, CSS 3, Angular.js, smart TV apps, mobile apps, web design and more. We have the ability to provide a personal approach, with a strong emphasis on customer care.

“As a company specialized in the adult industry, we also understand the importance of attending shows, supporting industry events, and trying to give back to the community. The industry has been through a lot, and the great people in it are the reason it continues to adapt and thrive.”

After years of consolidation and retraction, the adult industry is moving forward with renewed vigor as established companies expand their brands, create new product lines and use a wide range of tools designed to fully optimize everything from traffic buys, to landing pages, SEO, UI/UX and customer support. That surge of professionalism within the industry is also causing a great deal of optimism among long time industry veterans like Lykos.

In fact, the Quantox outlook for the industry is very strong based on the data available from their own projects and from clients.

“I believe it is going to get better and better,” Lykos said. “We receive way more requests weekly now than six months ago. New trends and technologies are arising and there are definitely innovative people active in the industry that know how to keep up with the pace of the ever-changing market. The popular projects at the moment are demands for VR platforms and smart TV apps.

“We are very adaptable and are always eager to experiment with new ways of doing things. Adult industry is very innovative, so we avoid trying to box any client’s ideas inside already developed templates. Our role is to develop platforms exactly the way our clients envision them.”

The Quantox team also works on in-house tools and services designed to enhance the B2B side of the business.

“We have developed our own tube script, though we didn’t promote it much,” Lykos said. “At the moment we are working on our own HR (human resources) portal which may be quite useful for companies that face the same challenges we do, and our own project management system may be of interest in that regard as well.”

When asked for any tips or tricks to getting things developed efficiently with a good amount of future-proofing, Lykos answered by saying, “things are changing so fast in web development these days that there is no way for a single person to master all the technologies and follow all the trends. That is why we have people specialized in each area: back end (PHP and PHP frameworks, MySQL, MongoDB), front-end programmers specialized with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML 5, CSS 3, web designers, virtual assistants, etc. We don’t necessarily tell people to stay away from any platform, but we do always suggest that custom-made platforms are the best solution. Only a custom platform can be optimized to your specific needs to do exactly what you want it to do — it’s also so much more stable.

“After all, any platform developed this way can be easily upgraded and adjusted, while third-party templated solutions have so many more limitations,” he said. “Long term, it’s obvious that custom development is far more profitable than constantly needing to start over again by hopping from one templated option to another third-party alternative.”

Aside from the benefits of customization, the Quantox team is also well aware of the importance of being a connected part of the industry overall.

Though many companies try to succeed without ever meeting their colleagues or getting to know the other people in this industry, Quantox takes a much more welcoming approach and puts a strong emphasis on the value of face-to-face communication at shows and events.

For companies that have had to deal with other designers and coders who are “hard to get hold of,” it is refreshing and encouraging to finally be able to work with a team that is always ready to hear from its clients and respond to requests.

The Quantox team has already been active at industry shows in 2016, sponsoring TES in Sitges, Phoenix Forum, XBIZ Miami, AWC Berlin, and Lykos will be visiting Island Gathering, then Amsterdam and the Prague summit.

“I’m very proud of my team and the projects we have completed already,” Lykos said. “Anyone interested in getting a better understanding of how Quantox can help your brand grow faster should reach out to us at one of the shows or send an email to us at

“Our website, offers a lot of information, but there is never a good substitute for the personal touch of direct communication. Just imagine that, a development outsourcing solution that actually wants to hear from you and always replies quickly to your requests. That’s Quantox!”