Building An Adult Site: Part 2

Anand Ramchandran

Here's the conclusion to our two-part newbie's guide to setting up an adult Website without any extensive programming or scripting knowledge and with the lowest possible investment:

Design Considerations
So now you have everything you need altogether, now it's time for some hard work and to show your creative genius. Make separate Web pages for everything, such as:

  • Disclaimer and Home page – study the laws to see what fits your site best
  • Thumbnail Galleries – niche categorized
  • Videos and movies – niche categorized
  • Live Cams
  • E-zines
  • Links
  • Webmasters (In case you decide to start an affiliate program or want to trade links)

Two points you should consider when designing your pages:

1. Minimize banners – A couple up top, and maybe one or two small ones inside the pages.

2. Include as many text links as possible, and always remember to replace any example affiliate ID's with your own.

Revenue Considerations
Hopefully by now you have a good looking Website and you're feeling proud of yourself. Now is the time to start worrying about how you're going to make money after all this hard work. Well, cheer up, and read on. Considered that it's difficult to get people to pay money for watching porn on the Web nowadays, but there's still an enormous amount of money being made by a lot of people. Here's how they do it: Signup for every program in this list and try to include as many as possible in your site – this is where the money is going to come from. Here are some of the most common types of programs:

Pay per signup: These sponsors pay for every user from your site who lands up at their site and signs up for their membership. You already signed up for nine of them to get content. Just use their free content to get signups credited to you. Send as many people as possible to their sites.

Pay per Impression: Make money off every user who visits your site. These sponsors give you a few lines of code to include in your site. Any visitor who comes in will get a popup, either when he comes in or when he leaves your site, you decide. Warning: If you include any sponsor who opens multiple or chain popups, the user is going to be drowned in popups or end up, as we say in "Popup Hell."

I suggest a sponsor who gives you a single popup on entry or exit, such as or Xitcash, while high paying chain popup sponsors are Yourxxxsponsor and Offshoreclicks.

Pay per click: Now, you got to be very careful here, or you could end up in trouble. Read all of the sponsor’s terms and conditions carefully before you signup, and decide if you want your user to end up in some place where he doesn't want to go. Blind links (where the user clicks on something like "Click here for free Teen Movies" and ends up at your sponsor’s page) are easy to make the user click, but may result in a loss of regular visitors. I suggest one single popup per page along with a lot of per-signup sponsors, text links for per-click sponsors, and a few images for per-click sponsors.

E-zines: These sponsors offer about $1/confirmed e-mail, making them big money and easy to promote. Sponsors include Freeezinebucks, Gammacash, Wegcash and Adameve.

Traffic Considerations
Ok, so we're all set to go, the only problem is you have no visitors and nobody knows about your site. Fear not, help is at hand. Just follow these tips and you should be on your way on the high seas of adult porn:

• Search Engine Optimiztion – This involves a lot of hard work, but it’s the best way to go.

• Buy traffic – But be careful; not only are you spending money instead of earning it, the results are far from assured.

• Get free traffic – This can be very low quality, depending on the source, so don't expect many conversions. Post your galleries on Thumbnail Gallery Posts (TGPs) and the like can help.

• Advertise your site on search engines using programs like Google Adword as well as on other adult sites (again, you're spending money, but this one is more likely to bring in revenue). Before you submit to the search engines, get text links exchanged with as many sites as possible. Google will search for links to your site on the Internet before listing you.

Helpful Tips And Tricks
Before you submit to the search engines, get text links exchanged with as many sites as possible. Google will search for links to your site on the Internet before listing you.

I suggest that even if you use auto submitters, that you check every site to see if your link is up.

• Use 404 pages (these are custom pages shown when the user tries to find a page not there in your site) to send visitors to sponsors.

• Consider offering free gifts like DVDs and adult toys to attract signups.

• Keep your content fresh and rotate the pics on all index pages at least every fortnight.

• Do not spam, do not use illegal content and keep away from child porn and bestiality.

Keep in mind that this is just one of the ways to get started in the adult industry. The rest depends on your hard work, talent and whether or not lady luck smiles on you!