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With the Holidays in full swing and your sales in a slump, it’s high time to tune up your Websites and get your rear in gear for the New Year! (I’m a poet and didn’t know it!)

[banner1]And so you set about cleaning up and re-designing your site for the joy of the masses, which in turn can lead to joy in your wallet. However, what you might not be doing can affect your bottom line.

For example: The next time I see “there” instead of “their” or “They’re”, I’m going to scream. Misspellings can turn into lost revenue, folks. You’d be surprised how many other picky sots are out there (besides me).

Another good example (bad example?) of things overlooked is “Date Last Updated”. You might consider taking that off altogether if you’re not planning on updating your site for ages at a time. Finding a site with its last update of December 2000 is funny, but not conducive to making money.

Please remember that the hideous lime green color against a black background is painful to the eyes, no matter what movie you’re trying to spin off. Tone it down a bit, please. This includes the various shades of yellow, green, and magenta that people seem to love to contrast on a black background.

If you’re trying to market a specific niche, then please stick to that niche. You are not going to be selling gay porn to someone looking for hardcore lesbians. Trust me on this. Even worse, you are not going to sell teens on a granny site. Hell-o.

Please make sure that your links actually go somewhere. This will piss off your surfers in a major way. What’s even more annoying than that is to find that the picture you really wanted to see only leads you to a sponsor’s site. Blind links suck, folks. [quote]Speaking of things not going anywhere, if you’re linking to a join page, please make sure your join system works, whether it be AVS or otherwise. Trust me on this; you will not make money if your signup doesn’t work.[/quote]

Speaking of things not going anywhere, if you’re linking to a join page, please make sure your join system works, whether it be AVS or otherwise. Trust me on this; you will not make money if your signup doesn’t work.

Keep in mind that if you promise something, you really should deliver it. Chargebacks suck, and there are a great many people who have absolutely no problem whatsoever in pursuing one if your site doesn’t deliver.

[banner2][heading]Warnings[/heading] This one is for the folks who run a BBS. Make sure that your registration page does not require you only to be 13 or over. 18 is the rule, folks. 21 in some areas, check your local listings.

Speaking of warnings, folks, please list your warning first. That’s why it’s called a “warning page” instead of a “banner farm”. I realize that some people refuse to list you unless you list their reciprocal banner or button above the “enter” tag, but holy schmoley, you can at least stick your warning before their banner or button.

Keep in mind that 800 x 600 is still the default size for many monitors. Also, you might consider having a look at your page in Netscape, Opera, and Mozilla as well as IE. If you’re designing for yourself, then please remember to check these things before the launch, as what looks good in 1024 x 760 in IE might not look as good in 800 x 600 and Netscape.

Above all else, KISS is the absolute rule. Keep It Simple, Stupid. Remember you’re designing for the majority of the people in the world, and the majority of those people are not exactly what you’d call the top of the barrel when it comes to intelligence. Keep the navigation simple and straightforward and don’t mislead them. Keep it honest and simple, and your profits will keep rolling in.

I hope you enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek, and have a very safe and successful New Year!

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