It’s All About the Buzzwords


Have you ever thought about what words really bring the surfers in? What about the words that make the sale? Does text really matter? You bet your wallet text matters!

If you’re selling something but can’t describe to the surfer who’s never seen the product exactly how good and wonderful it is, you’re not selling anything at all and are just wasting your time.

Buzzwords are much like keywords, and indeed can (and should) be used in your META tags. However, where keywords help you get your google on, buzzwords help you sell your stuff. For example: Which one of the following would you be more inclined to purchase?

“For sale: 1965 Ford Mustang. Factory paint, nice tires, runs good.” Or “Get it now! Collector’s Edition 1965 Ford Mustang, sweet body, factory white paint. White-wall tires, 4-on-the-floor and still purrs like a kitten.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m buying the car that purrs. Those carefully placed buzzwords caught my attention and made me wish I really could find the guy with that car for sale.

How does that fit into your adult site? Let’s give another example. Would you be more interested in a site that advertises “Teen girls getting naked” or “The hottest teen girls with the freshest, sweetest pussy on the Internet”?

It’s all in the way you word your sales pitch. Convincing your surfers that what your site offers is so much better than what other sites offer really does make the difference in your bankroll.

Let’s sell some pharmaceuticals. One company says, “You don’t need a prescription! Just tell us what you want and we’ll send it right out to you!” Nice. Really.

Another company says, “Our all-natural herbal supplements can add inches to your penis. Taken in conjunction with our easy-to-follow-exercise guide, the addition will come faster and you will soon have any woman you want. Add to that our free guide to Tantric massage and 101 sexual positions, your sex life will explode with the new variety and pleasure that you’ve always dreamed about!”

Hmm, kind of a no-brainer there, wouldn’t you think? And yet so many Webmasters seem content to put the minimum amount of text on their site, thinking that it really doesn’t matter in the slightest.

While photographic content is great, and movies do work wonders, there are certain things that must be sold via text advertising. Most sex products including pills, pumps, dildos, vibrators, and books can be sold at a much higher rate by using some carefully applied buzzwords in your text.

Some of the most effective buzzwords include: all-natural, herbal, best, better, good, great, wonderful, fabulous, bigger, harder, faster, longer, easy, free, freebie, hot, hotter, hottest, wilder, wildest, fresh, freshest, sweet, wet, wanton, horny, sexy, sexier, sleek, super, and nasty. These are just a small selection of those delightful buzzwords that can enliven any text, and help bring in the money!

Have a safe, happy, prosperous Holiday! ~ Tala

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