Adult Translations Drives Global Reach

Stephen Yagielowicz

Based in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava and currently employing a staff of seven, Adult Translations was launched in October of 2015 as a sister company to Localization Guru, following the founder’s trip to the European Summit in Prague, where a need for professional translation and localization services became apparent.

Boasting a goal of “translating with passion” while keeping a message’s meaning, and doing so without losing its impact, Adult Translations works with affiliates, sponsors, website owners and more.

Having proper translations with the right tone means higher conversions for you. —Adult Translations' Pavel Svitek

Adult Translations covers text such as website content, descriptions, keywords, menus, and SEO tags, plus terms and conditions and privacy policies, as well as movie titles and subtitles, website and content metadata, viewer comments and more. The talented translation team can create compelling, natural sounding dating profiles that drive new members, along with landing page text using proper copywriting and effective, moneymaking calls to action.

Trusted by major adult companies such as Flirt4Free, BitterStrawberry, First Mobile Cash, and Mistral, Adult Translations offers clients three different quality levels to suit different needs, with easy online ordering and an average delivery time of 48 hours. Custom API integrations can streamline the process, while qualified native speakers ensure translation accuracy, with affordable per-word pricing.

According to Adult Translations’ CTO and co-founder Pavel Svitek, there are numerous reasons why the company’s services are better than relying on automatic translations such as those offered by Google.

“The quality of Google translations is still far behind having a qualified native speaker translating the content. Also, the proper translation often depends on actual context, so you could have two different translations for the same source text,” Svitek says. “We work strictly with native speaking professionals who also enjoy translating adult content. Therefore, our translators take extra effort and attention to deliver top-notch work.”

Preserving the tone of its clients’ marketing and messaging means that carefully crafted materials will not be diluted by outside voices that can change the thrust of a campaign or creative, requiring a high attention to detail only possible by using expert linguists. This helps businesses boost their bottom line.

“Having proper translations with the right tone means higher conversions for you,” explains Svitek. “Therefore we hand-pick specialized translators for individual project needs.”

Svitek says that among the benefits of accurate translations is their ability to open new markets and to boost revenues.

“Nowadays, consumers are being more and more demanding,” Svitek explains. “They expect only perfect quality products and services, even in the adult segment.”

“Let’s say that you sell premium membership-based content or you run a dating site. If you have mistakes in translations, visitors are afraid to be scammed and quickly run away,” Svitek adds. “On the other hand, 70 percent of the world doesn’t speak English, so if you don’t localize, you lose this vast amount of potential customers.”

Although a broad topic that is beyond the scope of this article, Svitek says that accurate translations can also increase search engine traffic, increasing profits through lower customer acquisition costs.

“We all know that Google prefers content in native languages, which results in more organic traffic,” Svitek explains. “If you compare the costs of buying traffic vs. getting free SEO traffic, the cost of actual translations is marginal.”

Another application where accurate translations are vital is payment pages, where keeping the visitor’s trust is more important than anywhere else and where mistakes can lead to a loss of sales.

In addition to online content, Adult Translations provides services to adult magazines that focus content for specific audiences, while enhancing the information through greater engagement and excitement, while another offline service targets hardware and other products where having proper documentation and marketing materials is mandatory today. This broad based experience in translating both adult and mainstream projects gives the company a tangible edge for communicating effectively.

As for the firm’s plans for the future, Svitek says that as a forward-looking tech company it plans to develop several special services targeting the industry.

“The first will be a tube site translation service that will allow companies to translate titles and descriptions at scale for a fraction of the cost,” Svitek told XBIZ. “Then we want to partner-up with advertising networks and integrate translation services into their platforms, so they can bring more value their advertisers, which can eventually result in more conversions on local markets.”

“Last but not least,” Svitek reveals, “we want to research the possibility to create a live chat translation service for cam companies next year.”

Cam and tube sites in particular can benefit greatly from the services offered by Adult Translations.

“Having thousands of new videos monthly represents a huge challenge. Taking the effort to translate the video titles, descriptions and SEO tags can mean a [great increase in] organic traffic,” Svitek adds. “Not only translating, but also writing a compelling copy of model’s bio can increase visitors’ attention. This gives you a better chance of engaging with potential paying visitors.”

For prospective clients that are not yet convinced of the service’s value, Adult Translations offers a free sample of its skills, using the client’s own content.

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