Penis Pills For PDAs?


Time to extend the penis into the wireless world. Okay, I admit, that was really bad. But the idea, however, is not. Why limit your product advertising to one or two sections of the Internet when wireless users are starting to look for things to interest them while they’re on the road?

You can’t just think that folks will take their laptops and use them wherever they go. What about the poor guy on the red-eye flight? He might be interested in your site’s content. Intersperse that content with penis pill advertisements!

The wonderful world of wireless has allowed the surfer to take his Internet connection anywhere he wants to be. He can log on and enjoy some porn no matter where he is, and he doesn’t have to have a land line to do it!

Use this to your advantage. When you re-create your site to enable PDA use, make sure you give good advertisement spots to your sponsor. Sell not only your PDA friendly content, but also the products that your sponsors offer. Slide an advertisement in your stories. Put a text ad in your interactive games. Learn how to make the site revolve around your offerings!

This isn’t a difficult task. You’re already doing it with your regular sites. Just take it to the next level. PDA users need your sponsor’s products, so give them what they need!

No matter where the surfer goes, there’s always going to be the self-doubt. Keep on the edges of his consciousness when he’s surfing the internet, be it at home on the desktop or out and about on the PDA. Make him wonder about himself. Sell the product.

No matter what medium you’re using, the trick is to thoroughly convince your surfer that his penis is in need of some extra length or girth. The best way to do that on a PDA site is by the creative use of text. Use part of your site as an informational boutique, providing information on health issues related to men. Write up some good articles and make sure to point the focus of those articles toward what women want, what men think they need, and how to better achieve it.

It is not a difficult thing to do. You just have to really make the surfer believe that those articles, while not a replacement for medical advice, are good advice for the typical male. It works well.

Never doubt that the PDA user can easily be swayed. After all, they bought the PDA. They use that PDA for Internet surfing or email. They have it in their hands, ready to surf to alleviate boredom! Give them something to read and enjoy. Make money from their boredom and self-doubt. Edge your way into their psyches and their wallets! It’s not a difficult prospect.

Good luck, and take care of yourself!

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