Traffic From TGPs / MGPs

Jo Hawke

Thumbnail Gallery Posts (TGPs) and Movie Gallery Posts (MGPs) are the traffic kings.  They were invented just shortly after the invention of ‘dirt’ and have been maturing nicely ever since. Here’s how to get your share of the traffic…

The days of the picture-post are gone for the most part.  The free sites are still around, but they take a fairly substantial amount of time to build.  AVS sites (Age Verification Systems) are also going the way of the dinosaur. Once the dust settles, what’s left are the TGPs and MGPs.  They’re fast and easy to build and have a theme that surfers understand – FREE.

What Is A TGP/MGP?
TGPs and MGPs are very similar and are becoming in some circles rather interchangeable. TGPs came first with a simple idea of a link site that points directly to a page full of thumbnails.  Think of it as a traditional link site that instead of pointing to the warning page of a free site, it skips straight to the content.  No full page ad to say 'no thanks' to, no clever text links that confuse the surfer, skipping right past the free site gallery – just dead on into the naked people page. MGPs are a broadband hybrid of TGPs they have the same layout as their older brothers but their content is primarily movies.  Most TGPs and MGPs are (depending on your perspective) TGPs with movies or MGPs with thumbs. The idea is to give the surfer all they want for nothing and with surfers being the sex starved creeps they are, they always seem to be wanting more.

What Is TGP/MGP Traffic Like?
What is TGP/MGP traffic like, you ask?  Hmm… Think: United States Depression era line for government cheese.  Kid in a candy store… Crack whore left guarding the stash… You get the idea. Surfers bombard TGP/MGP sites in a feeding frenzy and gobble up every new gallery posted.  They smack your servers around like a rag doll wanting all the free porn they can possible inhale. 

Intelligent surfers don't ever NEED to pay to get their fix.  They know how to find the good stuff for free. Day in and day out these cheap bastards scour the sites looking for pictures that remind them of their high school sweetheart or that nasty old guidance counselor that use to smack them with a ruler ‘till they liked it.  Whatever their taste, they will find a belly full of free content on these sites. These smart surfers are automatically chunked in the crap-traffic pile because they are the enemy of the member sites. 

Free Content Makes Money
As a general rule (here comes the killer part that lots of porn webmasters have figured out over the years) Teasing the newbie surfers with a little content and the promise of a lot more has always worked.  Originally the idea of giving them a ton of content then expecting them to buy anything seemed a bit crazy.

In the beginning only limited tests could be done by any one person or company to see if this crap-traffic was actually worth the time to get. Webmasters that have been around for a few years will probably remember the first time they submitted a gallery to the likes of and paid for the bandwidth.   

Odds are pretty good that if you did a short test back then, you would have lost money instead of made money. However, running the same test for a month was an utterly different story. Most people didn't care much for the idea of taking it on the chin for weeks at a time not knowing if they would ever make the money back.   

The shocking reality to some is that TGPs/MGPs make a freaking killing!  Sure the bandwidth numbers are high but these are not the days of paying $9.00 per gig. Bandwidth is cheap these days so “stupid bandwidth volume” does Not equal “stupid bandwidth bill.”

In the past the guys running the sites would make a nice chunk of change and avoid the bandwidth headaches because they didn't serve up the graphics. The gallery listings where spread out across the hundreds of people who submitted galleries and everyone would have good days and bad days depending on the taste of the surfers and the content they ran with.  Today companies host their own pre-built galleries attempting to get ALL the traffic or at least a lion’s share of the traffic from these sources – because at the end of the day it makes money. If you’re not using these sites – you’re mad! Everyone needs to use this source of traffic.

Who Should Use TGPs/MGPs?
If you're a porn Webmaster these days then you need to be using TGP/MGP sites to make money.  Run your own or just submit galleries to, but you need to get into the mix or miss the Money Train! 

It has never been easier to get involved in the porn industry with hosted galleries being built by sponsors such as every day.  If you can fill out a simple submit form, then you can be a porn Webmaster.  Good or bad this is what the industry has become for a great many Webmasters.  Yes credit card processing is putting the “Fear of God” into a lot of companies, but when it is all said and done, there will always be someone you can send your traffic to.

When Not To Use TGPs/MGPs
Use to be, you could shy away from the free content realm of TGP and MGP. Those days are gone.  If you’re not using these sites – you’re mad! Everyone needs to use this source of traffic.

Strike It Rich
You don't really need to know how to build a Website to make money in porn. Forget about clever ways of getting surfers to click on a link. Use hosted galleries and bang away on every submit form you can find. You’ll never have a bandwidth bill that makes you cry in a corner. 

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