And Now For Something Different


As adult webmasters, many of us have become jaded by our work. It seems that there’s nothing that will affect our senses. Even the strange stuff has become monotonous...

Isn’t it time for something new? When pictures and videos of beautiful people having sex can’t elicit a response from the average Webmaster, perhaps we should look for something that will excite us.

But what would excite us? Certainly not sex; although to be honest, that is a delightful pastime and most assuredly relieves a great deal of stress. However, there’s nothing that we haven’t seen or done by now – unless you really just don’t get out much.

No, the thing that excites us the most is money. Any webmaster out there is there to make money. So if we could find something new that would make money for us, wouldn’t that be the most exciting thing?

In another article, I spoke about Websites for wireless connections. That’s new, and relatively untouched. There are only a small handful of sites catering to our PDA-carrying clientele.

Why? Are we so set in our ways that we are afraid to go boldly forth and re-create some of our sites for wireless users? We shouldn’t be. Quite the contrary; we should be eagerly willing to not only re-create but to innovate!

It is estimated that there are over ten million wireless Internet users around the world. If we stop to think about how many of them would like some on-the-go- porn, (let’s say for the sake of argument, roughly half of them), there are millions of dollars waiting to be made!

Getting A Slice
I don’t know about you, but millions of dollars sure sounds good to me. I know I could certainly use a thick slice of that pie.

But how does one market to the people needing PDA porn? Right now, using the same methods of marketing typical Internet sites is the main way to do it. Search engines, word of mouth, link lists, all of these can be used to market your wireless areas.

Can one use an existing site as a PDA site? Yes, certainly, with a bit of a rewrite and some smaller graphics. As I discussed in my last article, regular html code doesn’t really work well on the small screens. Their resolution is not nearly as good as larger screens, and their browser doesn’t read the same code as well.

Do some thorough research and learn how to use .wml for your sites. Make a redirect page, a code that will read the browser being used, and redirect the wireless browsers to your wireless area while allowing the regular users to head over to your usual area.

This isn’t rocket science. It’s good marketing and a fabulous way to make extra money off of your site. Don’t stay stuck in the same old thing. Grow and let your surfers get it to go!

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