Building Around Pharmaceuticals


So you’ve decided that promoting pharmaceuticals is a good idea. Great! But how do you sell them on a site? Have you considered building a site to sell them? Just pharmaceuticals, not porn. Did that even enter into the think tank? Check it out:

Many sponsors insist that you use only their material to build a site in which you promote only their program. By and large, what they’re saying is: “We don’t want you promoting our competition on the same site!”

Pharmaceuticals, however, work with anyone’s sites. But if you’re a purist, (or your main sponsors say you have to be a purist or you can’t use their content), here’s how to build a site to promote pharmaceuticals alone.

Most pill sponsors will provide you with free picture content. Use what they offer and make several galleries. The links on your galleries will point to your free site (or, if you’re adventurous, make an AVS site, and get paid twice!). So far, nothing new.

However, make the text on those galleries focus on creating a nagging fear in the heads of men. Something like, “Are you ‘big enough’ to please?” is a good eye-catching question. Sell the Pharmaceuticals in your text, but then always leave them hanging (pardon the pun) for details – then point those links to your site “for more information, click here”.

That takes care of your galleries. Now let’s tackle your site. Make the usual warning page, then (in the case of AVS sites) make a two or three page tour of what’s in your site. You know the drill. Give teasers and make them want to whip out their wallet for the information you’re selling.

Inside the member’s area, you want to have some pictures, maybe a movie. But here’s where we get different: you’re mainly interested in selling information at this point. You should have some written information about sexual health, pharmaceuticals, and what women want. These are the main topics that men will be looking for when they come to your site.

You can write these yourself, hire someone to write them, or get them from your sponsor, depending upon which sponsor you choose. This information will be invaluable both to you and your surfers.

With this information, cleverly written to be as informative and still sell your sponsor, you can give your men a subtle nudge toward your sponsor’s main site. This is where your surfer decides to take advantage of the great offers your sponsor provides.

Said information will tell them a story about some guy who has used the product, give his testimonial, and wrap it around health information. Or it can talk about what women really want, perhaps even including the testimony of one or several different women, their main point of interest always being the same: satisfaction with their lover.

You can even have testimony from a doctor who has prescribed the treatments. Make your articles believable and to the point while at the same time being friendly and understanding.

These articles truly are the best selling points in a site devoted to selling pills. Your surfers will read them and study them, and many times, they will pull out the wallet and lay down the cc number to try these pills. Good luck, and take care of yourselves.

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