Internext Tips


Editor’s Note: The following first appeared as a post on XBiz’ “Gay Expressway” message board, and due to its popularity, is presented here for wider consideration. ~ Stephen

1. Set goals. Know what you want to accomplish at a show; that will help you plan every aspect of the exhibit: theme, booth layout and display, graphics, product displays, literature.

At The Show
1. Don't ignore the individual needs of the visitor. While often giving out as much information as possible, staff members often fail to ask the visitor his or her interest in the product or service. That leads to missing important qualifying information.

2. Don't hand out literature and premiums indiscriminately. Staff who are uncomfortable with booths or talking to strangers usually hand out material to stay occupied. The literature can act as a barrier to conversation. Choose people who enjoy interacting with strangers.

3. Make sure your staff knows the demonstration. Many times staffers arrive for booth duty totally unfamiliar with how to sell at a trade show. Make sure your team knows the presentation, is familiar with the materials, and knows the drill.

4. Don't allow non assigned company personnel to hang around the booth. Besides booth staff, companies often send other representatives to shows to gather competitive information. These people feel compelled to congregate at the booth, outnumbering visitors, monopolizing staff time, and restricting visitor interaction.

Post Show
1. Follow up. After being out of the office for several days, show leads often become second priority to other management activities that were left unattended. The longer the lead is left unattended, however, the colder it becomes.

2. Evaluate your show. The more you know about what and how you did, the more improvements and fine-tuning can occur to prepare for the next time. Invest time with your staff immediately after each show.

Editor’s Note: If you’re interested in learning more, check out my wife’s article on “Successful Trade Show Marketing.” Do you have your own tips for Internext? Add them to the thread below. ~ Stephen