Exploring the Potential of Dialers

Michael Kaufman

As only 20-percent of Europeans have credit cards, the ability of Dialers to expand your revenue stream is self-evident.

[banner1]So, you had an idea for an adult Web business. You lured some good-looking models with the promise of paychecks worth a couple grand. You rigged your apartment with some mood lighting and digital cameras, your living room doubles as the studio and you’ve staged a number of really good performances. Perhaps you’ve even starred in some yourself.

And it seems your advertising has started to pay off. Word of your site has spread and you’ve got a healthy stream of surfers dropping $39.99 a month to see what it is those good-looking models do best. But, without even knowing it, you may be missing out on a very lucrative opportunity, all because you only accept payments via credit card. It may be time to explore the use of a dialer.

A dialer is software provided by a payment processing company that allows a Web surfer to connect to your site and pay a per-minute fee charged to his or her telephone bill. The billing company receives a portion of the revenues your site generates based on established payout rates posted on their sites.

For many customers outside the United States who don’t have credit cards, or for those reluctant to use credit cards for Internet purchases, dialers provide a great billing alternative and enable you as a Webmaster to diversify your business’s revenue stream. A dialer can also help you generate sales from customers whose credit cards were declined.

To get started exploring the world of dialers take a look at has extensive experience in foreign market billing and their site guides potential clients through a simple step-by-step presentation of what a dialer is and how to get started. It includes FAQs, sales tools and a detailed description of how the system works and how they structure their payout rates. also offers a voice call option for Web surfers using cable, LAN or DSL connections to the Internet. The visitor to your site simply dials a telephone number using a land or mobile phone, receives a PIN and enters it when logging onto your site. As long as the phone remains off the hook, he stays connected to your site and you earn revenue.’s L.A. Sales Director Holly Moss comments: “If you’re not using dialers for your international traffic you are not maximizing your revenue potential. pays its webmaster clients once a month for all minutes generated.”

[banner2]Next, check out Dialer Dude, which calls itself the first primary dialer that has been engineered to convert gay and male erotica traffic. Like, you can obtain detailed revenue reports broken down by country as often as you like. It has a simple two-step sign-up process and has the added benefit of paying its clients every two weeks.

Just about any gay male with a pulse and a computer should vaguely recognize iBill and ccBill, two of the most frequently used Internet payment processing companies for adult websites. And if you’ve been running a successful site, chances are you’re intimately familiar with both of them. But just in case you’re not, here’s the lowdown.

Both iBill and CCBill provide transaction processing, fraud control, business reporting tools, subscription capability, shopping cart functionality, and affiliate management for individuals running their own sites. And both iBill and CCBill work with to provide a dialer option. Webmasters using CCBill have the added convenience of being able to view all their revenue—including that derived from a dialer set up by—from a single source.

At, where “hot men get it on,” surfers can download the dialer software from the site and proceed to visit any one of hundreds of sites listed, including yours potentially. Just be careful; it may take a while to get out of here once you’ve logged on. For every one pop up window you close, three more will open.

And lastly, there’s It has a simple, professional user interface with clear, well-written language that even a novice Webmaster could understand. Although dialer software is not available from Epoch Transaction Services, the company offers a prepaid debit card called “ePassporte” as a form of alternative billing.

Rand Pate, director of corporate communication at Epoch, notes the potential for underage users to gain access to adult websites using dialers and believes that the ePassporte significantly reduces that risk.

There are only 24 hours in a day. Given that you’re probably spending 22 of them maintaining your site, dialers offer a useful method for generating and tracking overseas income while diversifying your revenue stream. It may be cliché but it’s still good advice. Work smarter, not harder. Wait a minute. Scrap that! You’re running an adult Web biz!

Michael L. Kaufman is an L.A. based freelance writer.