What About Wireless?


With all the talk of industry news, there’s one thing that cannot be overlooked: wireless. People with a PDA (Personal Data Assistant) or wireless Internet cell phone need smut too!

That being said, are websites directed solely toward hand-held devices viable? The short answer is YES! Entrepreneurs are starting to realize that with all the people carrying PDAs and cell phones, there are some of them who want to be able to take their porn with them.

Laptop computers were the forerunners of the Pocket PC / Palm Pilot. But they were not wireless until recently; and the programming for the web sites did not have to be different for them or their browsers to read. Matter of fact, the laptop is just a miniature version of the desktop, and the OS (Operating System) that worked on your desktop worked just fine on your laptop.

Things have changed. While the laptop still does its job and interfaces neatly with what’s already on the world wide web, many people prefer not to carry them around. Instead, we now have to learn about and program for the smaller version.

PDAs and internet ready cell phones do not have the same browser as a desktop or laptop. They use a different programming language. Instead of HTML, now it’s WAP and WML.

WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol. It’s what developers use to create browsers and other programs specifically for PDAs and other wireless users.

WML stands for Wireless Markup Language. It’s very similar to both HTML and XML, so those of you who are familiar with HTML will have a very easy time learning this. Keep in mind that this will evolve and has already done so, leaning more towards XHTML. It’s called WMPNG, with the NG standing for Next Generation. (Trekkies unite!)

Putting It All Together
What does all of this mean? It means that in order to stay ahead of the curve and be able to follow the road leading into the future, Webmasters are going to have to start learning both how to write for - and optimize their sites for - wireless access.

A few companies have already done this. There are those who have stepped up to the plate and brought out their affiliate programs, ready to go, like and

A word of advice: Don’t go charging in thinking that plain old HTML will do the job. It WON’T. Your pictures and games and other assorted goodies will not look right, and you’re not going to make any money. You have to spend the time to learn the new language, or at least hire someone who knows what they’re doing. This is a ground floor opportunity, and the best time to get in is now.

Do some research into the new era of Internet pornography and decide for yourself if you want to get in on this new way of marketing. This could very well be the way to get to a larger audience. Imagine being able to offer your surfers “Porn on the Run!”

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