Do Penis Pills Really Work? Part 1

Roger Simpson

Editor’s Note: We’ve been running an excellent, ongoing series on marketing penis enhancement products here at XBiz that many readers have enjoyed; but the big question keeps popping up: do these dick enlargers really work, and what options are available? Here’s a look at the facts. ~ Stephen

Given the vast variations in human penis sizes, discord and dissatisfaction with one's self are unavoidable. The longest erect penis recorded during the famous Kinsey surveys was a shocking ten inches. That is nothing compared to the 12" and 14" behemoths reported in "L'Ethnologie du Sens Genitale," and in Dr. David Reuben's "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex," respectively.

If that makes you want to cry, wait till you hear the good news - the shortest functioning erect penis measurement according to the Kinsey survey was 1 inch. There are, however, some reports in medical literature of penises that do not extend beyond 1 cm. when fully erect. Finally, just so you can know which side of the fence you are hanging from, a study by the Lifestyles Condom Co. indicated that the average erect length of a male sex organ is 5.877 inches.

Women have often been reassuring towards their mates in this regard. "Size doesn't matter," they would say. Few men really believe that. In an online poll that asked if respondents felt that penis size makes a difference in a man's ability to sexually satisfy a partner, 46% of the respondents answered "Very much: Penis size makes a big difference in a man's ability to sexually satisfy a partner." Only 13% responded "Not at all: Penis size makes no difference in a man's ability to sexually satisfy a partner."

The poll did not mention how many of the respondents were women and how many were men, but the fact is - men and women believe that size still does matter!

In "The Beefcaking of America," (Psychology Today November/December 1994 issue) Jill Neimark reported the findings from a questionnaire completed by some 1500 male and female readers. The Neimark report suggests that a significant subset of women who are financially independent and rate themselves as physically attractive place a high value on male appearance. A small group unabashedly declared not only an rather unsurprising strong preference for better-looking men, they also indicated that they cared more about penis size, both width and length, than about the physical appearance of the man.

Niemark's survey results also suggests that men believe their appearance has a larger impact on women than the majority of women actually acknowledge. Men indicated they feel their specific physical features, from hairline to penis size, strongly influence their personal acceptability by women. "Size does matter."

Judging by the number of sites returns on a search for "penis enlargement," that seems to be a pretty popular opinion. As long as there are men out there running around with 14" monsters, the rest of the mortals will continue to judge themselves and pray at the altar of everything that grants bigger penises.

The results of penis enlargement are not always pretty, considering the various methods that are purportedly effective. Claims range from the scientific to the outrageous, and some of them can be downright nasty. Unlike lizards, men do not have the power to regenerate lost appendages, so it is highly advisable to do a little research before fooling with Mother Nature's precious gifts.

Next, we’ll examine some penis enlargement methods, followed by some general comments about each…