Traffic From Directories

Jo Hawke

Directories and their baby brothers the Link Sites are backbones of the Internet. Learn to build sites that are suitable for directory listings and you’re ready for the long haul to financial success on the Internet!

What Is A Directory?
Directories and Link Sites are script-driven websites with a human touch.  Unlike a search engine, you volunteer your site and the Directory Staff decide whether or not you belong in their directory. The operators of directories spend countless hours collecting and sorting through the ‘Best of the Best’ on the Internet. 

Directories give the surfer the means to search for whatever it is they are looking for then to have the results of that search displayed in a friendly informative way.  The sites that directories list are usually well designed and content heavy to give the surfer all they wanted and the option to buy more. Directories are trusted havens for surfers trying to find everything they are looking for online.  Surfers expect that when they visit a directory they won't get lied to or tricked into going to a site they didn't want to go to. 

What Is Directory Traffic Like?
Directory traffic is one of the most valuable types of traffic.  One click from a good directory can be worth 100 clicks from lesser traffic sources. Your odds of making money off directory traffic go way up because the traffic is targeted. You won't usually see large volumes of traffic coming from a directory because there are so many other sites competing for the surfers’ eyes - but the traffic you do get will be high quality.  The surfers that use directories expect high quality sites. If your site provides what they are looking for then you will usually get listed in the directory you submit to.  Your best bet is to offer the surfer something they have a hard time finding on other sites.

Who Should Use A Directory?
Everyone should build sites targeted for directory traffic. That means: “friendly and content heavy. Non-adult directories will have the highest quality traffic and the least requirements when it comes to quality of content.  Adult directories have more stringent requirements to get listed but the traffic will be less productive.  Not to say that adult directories shouldn't be a target source of traffic for you, but more time should be spent getting into a site like DMOZ.

DMOZ attracts the average surfer – not just the porn surfer looking for a free thrill. The average surfer of a non-adult directory uses that site to find everything from Halloween costumes and stock tips to porn. Your goal in getting listed in the non-adult directories should be to put yourself in a position to collect money off the impulse buyer.  Think of it as your opportunity to be one of the conveniently located items at the checkout stand in the grocery store. They came to buy milk and eggs and this is your chance to sell them a dirty magazine.

When Not To Use A Directory
Some of the sites you will build won't be fit for a directory.  Sites where the content may not be very good or the design of the site may be to ‘trap the surfer’ won't do you any good with the directories. Directories are looking to offer their surfers a quality site that doesn't try and pull the wool over the surfers’ eyes. 

With that having been said, you can always try to submit your evil sites to the directories.  It’s not what they want in their directory and they will reject it most of the time. If your lucky maybe you can get a few of you’re evil sites listed at least for a while.  Evil sites do make their way into directories from time to time as we all know people do make mistakes and people maintain directories.  The advantage of getting an evil site listed is you can hit the surfer with the hard sell and skip all the warm fuzzy stuff you usually have to give them.

Aren't Directories Just Search Engines?
Directories often have the look and feel of a search engine but they are not the same.  You don't have to impress the search engines with your site design and content.  Search engines are run by robot or spider scripts. These scripts scour the web looking for anything and everything that meets your search criteria.  Search engines have much larger databases of sites than directories because they don't require human interaction to accumulate these databases. 

Directories are more intuitive than search engines in their results because people - not robot scripts - compile the listings. Directories only give you what they think is truly relevant to your search request.  Most surfers use true search engines and not directories so a good listing in a search engine will get you more traffic… At the same time, Directories are often integrated into search engines with the intent to include more valid results for the surfers’ request.  If you get your site listed in DMOZ you may soon discover that you’re also well ranked in the search engines because the engines know that all the links in DMOZ are hand picked. One hand helping the other!, (, the Adult Entertainment Broadcasting Network, is the original Pay-Per-View provider on the Internet. They were the first content provider to offer full-length, adult videos in a Pay-Per-Minute format. AEBN has gathered over 18,000 top-quality videos representing over 800 studios - literally the largest and broadest selection of adult videos available from one provider.