Does Size Matter?


Everyone has heard the bit that George Carlin does about the “Bigger Dick Foreign Policy.” In a nutshell, it goes something like this: “What, they have bigger dicks than we do? Bomb them!”

Folks, I hate to tell you, but this is the mentality of the average male. (Please don’t kill me for that.) It’s the testosterone.

I’m not male bashing here. Matter of fact, I love them for their testosterone. It’s a beautiful thing. After all, that’s what we count on when we make and market pornography.

However, along with that testosterone comes the typical self-doubt. I had a boyfriend once who was absolutely certain that his penis was too small. Granted, it wasn’t really very long, but he could almost split me in two!

But that’s the self-doubt I’m talking about here. Men, whether they admit it or not, compare penis sizes in the locker room, bathroom, etc. That insecurity is a constant, nagging prickle in the back of their minds.

Taking all of this into consideration, marketing adult products and sites can be done very effectively by self-doubt manipulation. Especially when marketing penis enlargement equipment or products.

“Does size matter?” has been a question that men have asked themselves since the beginning of time. There have been differing answers to this, but for my nickel, the answer is yes. It has been said that it’s not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean. Folks, let me tell you, I am not crossing the Atlantic in a dinghy!

With that in mind, and knowing that this is the reaction of most women, the astute webmaster can make some subtle changes to any site and make serious money by marketing to the insecurities of the typical male.

Start by selecting a sponsor who pushes penis pills or pumps or other erotic products. Make sure that sponsor is well-known in the business and willing to assist you with anything you might need help doing.

Find the hot spots on your page. This can be at the top of the page, the center of the page, or even at the bottom of the page. I have found that text links in the middle of articles or galleries work fabulously. Insert your links where you think they will gain the most attention.

If you’re using text links, make it sound irresistible. Don’t go for the same old standby; most surfers will read this as complete horse hockey and move on. Use wording that makes the surfer think or react in a positive way.

For example, instead of “Click here for the best penis pills” try something like this: “Size Matters! Find out how to increase your penis size!” Catch their attention and don’t alienate your surfers.

Once you’ve done that, play up the fear factor. I suggest a couple of ads which are TEXT. Maybe a story from a girl about how small her man’s penis was until he tried the pills, exercises or pump. It may sound corny, but testimonials WORK.

Pull it together and make some serious cash. Don’t lose out on the insecurity of mankind, profit from it! Until next week, take care of yourselves.

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