What’s In A Niche?


I have seen this asked time and time again: “What’s the best niche?” Here’s your answer: There is no best niche…

That’s right, there is no niche that is better than the others. Now, before we go any further, let’s define what a niche is. A niche is a specific type of adult entertainment or information. For example, hardcore is a niche, as are BDSM and ebony. There are almost as many niches as there are personal preferences, but that’s for another article.

Each niche can be marketed to its followers in such a way that you can make incredible amounts of money. However, there are a few things to remember about any niche.

First off, it doesn’t matter what niche you choose to promote, as long as the content interests you. If you’re trying to sell ebony but you really aren’t into it, then chances are your efforts aren’t going to be as focused as they would be if you were selling something you’re really into yourself. People trying to sell a niche that they know well and enjoy working with are much more likely to make money from it, and this is why: If you like what you’re doing, chances are that you will continue to do it! If you enjoy hardcore movies, then you won’t mind sitting up and working on your hardcore mgp galleries.

Another reason to sell a niche that you enjoy working with is the ease of the sale. You know who you’re marketing to; you’re one of them! So if you build your sites around your personal preferences, chances are you’re going to be hitting about 90% of your targeted traffic’s preferences as well. More interest in your niche generally means more fun in building the site(s), which can mean better site(s), which would mean better retention!

So how does one choose a niche, especially if one likes more than one niche? For the most difficult cases, flip a coin and go from there; however, most people can find just one niche to market. I would start there. Choose one thing that you REALLY like and do more research if need be. Then find the sponsors out there that have what you’re looking to promote and research THEM. Figure out what their overall conversions are, their payouts, and their user retention rates are. Now is not the time to get greedy, though! If they payout more than others, but their conversions aren’t as good, then you might consider the next best alternative until you get comfortably settled with money rolling in. Then go for the higher payout and use your traffic base to promote them as well.

Promoting one niche, however, may or may not be for you. Some people promote two or three that they really love. I would suggest that you start out with one and build on it, diversifying only after you’ve started to make money. It can be incredibly overwhelming for a first-time webmaster to have to work with several different sites, so stick to one in the beginning and use it to learn. Learn about your traffic base, what sells, how to convert, and when to update.

What If the Niche Doesn’t Sell?
There could be any number of things going on. What does your tour look like? If it’s more than a couple of pages, then you might consider trimming it down a bit and enticing your surfers with some good text or teasing pictures. How hard are you pushing to get traffic? Remember, it’s a daily job of gallery building, site tweaking, or traffic purchasing to get the site off the ground and money rolling in, no matter what niche you’re marketing.

What if I get bored working in this niche? Then find another one! Remember to be adaptable. If one niche just isn’t working out for you for whatever reason, just turn to another one. Make sure it’s one that you have an interest in, though, or you will find your job a great deal harder when you have to go back and update stuff you didn’t want to see in the first place. No job, adult related or not, is worth getting up for if you don’t like it.

Always remember that no matter what niche you choose, someone else is out there looking for it. Give it to them – for a price. Whatever you choose, make yourself happy in the process by choosing something you like rather than what you’ve heard sells well. Time will show the difference. Best of luck to you all!

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