CalExotics’ Kits Collection Converts Novice Buyers

Nichole Grossman

Consumers are always looking to get the most for their money, and with a myriad of choices in toys this can become overwhelming. One may read reviews or ask for in-store recommendations, but this can be intimidating and sometimes create confusion. To simplify, we released a complete collection of kits that include a variety of products designed to help create fun and unique experiences in nearly every market segment. As we at CalExotics researched consumers, we found that there was a novice segment of the market, each with different needs, but all looking for a variety of products at a great value.

Creating such a line was a huge undertaking, requiring extensive research and consideration of all the different products that would likely be used together. Aiming to keep the price reasonable, we only considered products that we could package together that would not break the bank.

Aiming to keep the price reasonable, we only considered products that we could package together that would not break the bank.

Kits is a collection of products broken down into three segments, His, Hers and Ours, combining best-selling complementary products and styles into several convenient packages that simplify the shopping experience and offer a great value. In the His Essential Pump Kit, we were able to include one of our most popular pumps with a hugely popular anal probe and three all-purpose rings. The His Masturbation Kit includes one of our most popular travel-sized and full-sized masturbators with three heavy-duty rings. The Her G-Spot Kit includes a world-famous Butterfly Kiss, one of our most popular stimulators, a multi-speed G-spot stimulator and three finger teasers. And, in the Ours Date Night Kit, we were able to package our best-selling couple’s game, Touch Me, with a wildly popular dual enhancer ring, massage oil and a tickling feather. All of the kits are thoughtfully composed and packaged to offer an unforgettable experience and value.

In creating these kits we took the time to archetype the customers that we targeted in each market, contained in consumer personas. All our personas are based on feedback and research about the consumers, either directly or from retailers. Some of our consumer personas included the following:

“John” and “Cynthia Perez,” a young married couple looking to spice up their love life. Cynthia had watched the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie and wanted to try some introductory BDSM products. The couple visited a few adult retailers but were too shy to venture into the fetish section. To help John and Cynthia explore light BDSM play without feeling too intimidated we created the Ours Fetish Kit, including everything an adventurous couple needs to start the fun - blindfold, restraints, ball gag, feather and nipple suckers.

“Michelle Peterson,” a single woman in her mid-40s just beginning to learn about sex toys. She reads many online reviews and blogs but cannot decide on what product to try first. She is new to toys and is hesitant to spend a lot of money in fear she will not use the products often. For customers like Michelle, we’ve created Her Clit Kit that includes a classic bullet and pocket sized massager. The bullet and massager come with interchangeable tips and sleeves so Michelle will have many possibilities for pleasure, and with any luck will come back with a deeper desire to invest in other products.

“Charles Glenn,” a married man who travels for work seeks a toy he can use with and without his wife. He is perplexed by the array of choices in the market that suit his needs, but is hesitant to buy anything because they all seem great. A man like Charles needs His Ultimate Sta-Hard Kit, with a quality pump and two silicone rings, he can improve his performance with his wife. The bullet and anal probe in the kit allow them to play together. For when Charles travels, he can enjoy the soft beaded masturbator during those intimate phone calls.

Overall, we found over 30 various personas, and built our Kits collection around those needs. The aim with Kits is to make the consumer more comfortable with a variety of products, so they may move from the value-seeking novice buyer to the high-value return customer.

The Kits collection already received a tremendous amount of success, including a prestigious Creativity Award. To further capitalize on this success CalExotics is introducing four new, exciting styles that help round out the collection. His Nipple Kit has everything a man needs to explore the world of nipple play including a pair of nipple suckers and vibrating nipple clamps along with nipple vice clamps. His Enlargement Kit is designed for men looking to make a bigger impression. The kit includes an erection pump, extender, cage enhancer and two sizes of erection enhancers. Hers Intimate Kit includes fun nipple play accessories for the ladies including the best-selling Nipplettes®, tweezer intimate clamps, mini nipple suckers and nipple rings. The Ours Sensual Kit is designed for couples looking to spice up their love life with a little sensuality. The kit includes a powerful massager, lover’s thong with stroker beads and enhancer ring. Each kit embodies a persona that is today’s shopper and is a key addition to the Kits collection.

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