Promoting Penis Pills


With all the new programs coming out, it hardly seems as though anything will convert for very long. Some people are standing firm with the older sites with a proven track record while others are taking the gamble and plunging ahead with the new, uncirculated stuff.

But what about sites proclaiming to sell penis enlargement pills or exercises? Do those really sell as well as they want us to believe? In a word, YES.

Think about it. Those sites and their products play on the fears of the average male ego. What man can resist the draw of being able to extend the length or girth of his penis in order to more completely please a sexual partner? Hundreds of thousands of men sign up for these programs every week.

It certainly doesn’t take a genius to see that these items almost literally sell themselves. If the site not only offers pills, pumps or exercises but also gives men a forum to share their successes, questions, or comments, then the interactivity level of the site encourages men to continue to purchase the products offered. I’m sure there’s no need to include the fact that if you offer these products to your members as part of your member’s area, then your member retention rates will maintain a steady number or increase just as steadily.

What types of sites do best with this sort of program? Almost any site can convert this type of program. Men are going to be looking at your porn? Great! You can easily sell them penis pills, pumps, how-to manuals, and other assorted male health products.

Okay, so how does one actually sell these things? Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be giving you ideas of how to do this, not only with these products but with a few others as well. These are the things that have worked for me and I’m sure that with a little patience and tweaking if need be, they’ll work for anyone who wants to try them.

Is there really a difference in the products? Yes there is. Some products are pharmaceuticals, which are what people think of as drugs. Some products are completely herbal in nature, which is where you’ll draw the “natural” crowd.

But it isn’t just the products that you need to be looking at when you’re trying to decide what to offer your surfers. You need to look at your surfers and think about what they would like. Then look at the programs you’re planning to offer. Do these programs convert well? What do these programs offer besides just the pills or pumps? Now match these questions to your surfers.

Think like a consumer. For instance, if you were a surfer who was looking at the products for the first time, what would sway your decision? If you want just the pills, then that’s easy. Most consumers are looking for more than just the pills, though. Many want to have interactivity as well as pills that really work.

How do you throw interactivity in with your products? It could be a number of things. You could offer a website based completely on a certain product, with message boards and interactive quizzes interspersed with porn. You can offer adult games interspersed with porn, and most pill sponsors offer some sort of “non-pill” information or entertainment.

Sponsors who offer a great deal of information and entertainment along with their pills or pumps tend to convert much better than those who do not. The reason for this is simply the fact that they do offer so much to the consumer, so the consumer feels like he’s really getting a great deal for his money. Not only do these sites convert, they tend to hold fabulous retention rates as well. When a consumer feels comfortable ordering a product, he will come back. Sites that offer advice and interactivity make the surfer feel comfortable about his purchase and give him incentive to return.

Many men who are comfortable with their chosen penis pill/male health site stay with it. They won’t go looking for a bigger, better deal if they already have a great deal in front of them. Choosing a sponsor who provides honest, interesting information and entertainment along with their products is one of the most important things you can do for your retention.

Do some investigation and choose your sponsor well. Remember to ask yourself what things you’d look for and choose your sponsor based on those things. Remember, the sponsor with the highest payout may not be the best one, so think of your consumers before you sign on. Best of luck to you!

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