Email Management Tips

Sheldon Cooke

Sheldon Cooke returns with another batch of tips and tricks to help streamline one of a busy Webmaster's most annoying daily rituals – dealing with tons of email...

Sending Super-Size Attachments
One thing most people don't know about email is that it wasn't really designed to handle large file attachments. The commercial availability of high-speed DSL and cable connections has helped, but ISPs commonly limit the size of files that you can receive and the overall size of your mailbox to ease strain on limited mail server resources. And let's not forget those poor dialup Internet users, who may have to wait up to an hour to download a file sent from someone with a high-speed connection.

These concerns are being addressed by FileCourier, a very handy service for those who need to send large files on a regular basis. FileCourier holds on to your files once you upload them, using a secure connection to prevent your files from being read.

Once uploaded, the recipients don't require any special programs to get the files—just an email account. FileCourier also offers a few extra features to make it worthwhile: it works behind a firewall, it offers the ability to setup remote file access on your PC, and even sharing files across the Internet. With pay as you go and monthly bandwidth options, it's a practical option for both home and business users who send large files frequently.

Better Mailing List Management
Email list management can be a pain — people can change email addresses on a whim, leaving one to deal with a sea of returned messages any time a mass message is sent out. Sorting through bounced email messages and removing expired addresses from the mailing list is nothing short of annoying.

Email Validator Advanced takes a lot of the stress out of administering a mailing list. It simulates a mailing to your list (using Eudora, a database or a Windows address book) without actually sending anything. The email servers respond with the validity of each address, and Email Validator Advanced flags the bad ones, providing you with a complete list of invalid emails — saving you the task of having to dig for the actual addresses in a pile of returned messages.

Leave a Picture Trail
If you had to put up with the barrage of pictures I get emailed to me from my family, recent converts to the joys of digital photography, you'd definitely be interested in It allows you to upload password protected photos to share with the world, and gives you the ability to upload several pictures at once. Your inbox will thank you.

Create a Secret Identity in OE
Keep prying eyes from viewing your email by creating a new identity in Outlook Express. To launch this built-in feature, just go to File > Identities > Add New Identity. Enter a name, then check the “Requires a password” box. Enter a suitable password, confirm it and click OK.

I hope these simple email management tips will smooth your workflow!