DDF Network: Europe’s Gold Standard for Glamour, Fantasy Erotica

Alex Henderson

The online adult entertainment industry has changed considerably since the DDF Network was launched back in the 1990s. Internet connection speeds have soared, smartphones are ubiquitous, social media are used extensively, and live cam sites have become increasingly popular.

But if any words capture the spirit of both DDF in the 1990s and DDF in 2016, they would be “fantasy” and “glamour.”

Stunning is what we look for. We’re not a girl-next-door kind of site, though when we see the beauty in a girl-next-door type, our fantastic makeup artists and stylists can usually turn them into that fantasy girl that blows your mind. -Paul Acevedo, DDF Network

The European company built its brand by offering stylish, high-quality erotica, and as the company evolved technologically, its commitment to glamour did not change.

“The vision of producers at DDF has always been focused on the dream or fantasy girl, as well as scenarios that you may only have dreamt of — or never even knew existed,” explained Paul Acevedo, director of marketing for the DDF Network.

“In the early days, the company was focused on magazine work, producing beautifully captured erotic nudes for very well-known and established men’s magazines such as Mayflower, Penthouse Publications, Playboy, New Look, the Paul Raymond Publication Group, the Hustler Group, and the Score Group. This was the early stages, which set the direction into the varieties of niches it now produces within the DDF Network. That very soul still remains, with a continuous journey to produce high-caliber adult content for the erotic adventurer.”

2016 marks the 17th anniversary of, which did a lot to build the DDF brand and is still part of the company’s portfolio of sites.

“DDF Network spawned in the early years of online adult entertainment as a way to project and encompass a variety of niches the company was producing at the time and to have them all accessible in one single portal,” Acevedo recalled. “1999 marked the launch of the first site DDF Productions launched, 1By-Day, which is a solo glamour site focused on beautiful woman in playboy and masturbation-style scenarios. Soon after, the company delved into various other niches such as busty babes with the launch of DDF Busty, and leg and foot fetish with the launch of Hot Legs and Feet.

“Today, the company has 10 niche sites within the network, all of which can be broken down to various sub-niches — totaling over 50 niches available and over 14,000 scenes in the Network for its consumers to enjoy.”

From the Netherlands to Italy to the Czech Republic, reality and amateur porn are both plentiful and popular in Europe. But DDF has moved in the opposite direction, favoring polish and gloss with a network of sites that includes not only, but also,,,, and

DDF has explored a variety of niches, ranging from lipstick lesbians on to tattooed women on Inked Babes to MILFs and cougars on Horny MILFs. And DDF has entered the live cam sector with But whatever the focus of a DDF site, glamour has remained a priority for the DDF Network.

“The main focus has always been glamour and fantasy — very different from reality sites or sites which focus solely on a specific porn star,” Acevedo asserted. “The emphasis at DDF Network has always been fantasy in all its many facets of the adult world. From soft to extreme, it can all be found under one roof.”

Acevedo continued, “Stunning is what we look for. We’re not a girl-next-door kind of site, though when we see the beauty in a girl-next-door type, our fantastic makeup artists and stylists can usually turn them into that fantasy girl that blows your mind.”

2014 marked a new chapter in DDF’s history when it launched its own awards competition, the DDF Awards, also known as the Sex Goddess Awards.

“The DDF Awards was put into play as a way of paying tribute to the many beautiful woman who are the lifeblood of the Network,” Acevedo observed. “Still, it is in its infant stages. With two years of DDF Awards, we’re still working on finding that perfect formula. But currently, it’s based on beauty, popularity and social engagement. It’s dubbed the Sex Goddess Awards and has been a great way to shed some extra light on our best female performers and also, has been fantastic for engaging with our online community and member base. It traditionally begins at the very beginning of summer with a teasing phase to hype up the fans and models, with the official voting stage launching on Sept. 1 will mark its third year in play.”

Affiliate marketing for adult sites — or, for that matter, mainstream sites — was a new phenomenon back in the 1990s. Many adult affiliate programs have come and gone over the years, but in 2016, DDF’s affiliate program,, is still going strong.

“DDFCash is the affiliate program for all sites under DDF Productions, LTD,” Acevedo noted. “Powered by Nats, it encompasses everything an affiliate needs to promote the brand: cutting-edge and free hosted galleries, video previews for download or imbedding, a selection of full movies for tubes and other promotions thrilling site trailers, loops, gifs, animated and static banners, and an in-house crew ready to take affiliate requests for whatever they need to promote the brand.

“Payouts are industry standard at up to 70 percent revshare and various PPS options — and for affiliates who have great traffic and conversion ratios, the team is always prepared to make a custom deal so that both parties are happy with the outcome.”

Acevedo stressed that in 2016, DDF will not be resting on its laurels and will continue to forge ahead technologically.

“For DDF Network and our single sites,” Acevedo explained, “2016 is focused on migrating into a responsive design — scheduled to be complete before the summer arrives — as well as optimizing the user experience. We’ve also been in the works with various sources to bring lots of fresh talent to our model roster worldwide.

“Traditionally, we focused on Europe, but there is so much international beauty — and we’ve had many models approaching us from across the continents. Our shoot locations also will be quite varied as we set our remote teams to find inspiring new locations to shoot. This helps spur the creativity of the content and provides a richer experience for our subscribers. We will also be introducing 4K and experimenting with virtual reality. We’re excited for the future.”