Watchers and Doers


I used to have a framed picture hanging in my office signed by a famous artist of a cartoon duck crazily skiing on a lake with a huge smile on his face, while a turtle floating in the water looked on enviously. A daily reminder to me, that even though it's important to have the watchers in the Adult Entertainment Business, it's much more important (and way more fun) to experience life, than it is to watch someone else enjoy it for you.

Whether it takes blood, sweat and tears or just a long flight to a safari adventure, it's much sweeter to experience life first hand, than to have someone show you pictures and tell you their story. Ok, I know what you're thinking, “Shush, don't talk everyone into becoming a doer or we won't have a paying audience…” But this isn't true – our audience had to take some kind of action in order to get an idea of what they too could experience; it's their choice if they decide to continue on to the next level of life's endless pleasures. In some cases people need to see their fantasies come to life in order to know that it's actually feasible, and most importantly, acceptable.

Nouns & Verbs
In school we learned that a noun is a person, place or thing, and the subject or object of a verb; while a verb is an action. Right, but what does all this mean? Simply put, “What do you want to be?” A noun or a verb? Do you see and envy other's accomplishments, being an object waiting for action (a noun) or are you a verb, acting on what it takes to achieve your dreams – taking some sort of action to make your dreams a reality? Why do you think the United States has its freedom? There was definitely some action taken. No matter what it is that your little heart desires, nothing will ever happen until you decide to ‘go forth and conquer!’

Ask and Ye Shall Receive
“It never hurts to ask…” Another action that is so easy, yet so many of us fail to take that first step, for fear that we might actually get what we asked for – or might fail in the attempt. Asking is scary, but prosperity doesn't happen without it; and the worst that will happen is ‘nothing’ – and then you're still doing whatever it is you're doing now. Never expect others to know what you want, or to know what your next level or asking price should be – and never get angry with their offer – if you don't ask, then expect no change.

How many ideas can you think of that came from the things that you've wanted? The mind is a powerful thing that can literally move mountains; and if you don't believe me, just think of all those mountains that were moved to make freeways – they certainly didn't get there on their own, there had to be some sort of action taken from an idea.

What you put into something is what you will get out of it, never throw negativity at the things you've tried to do in your past, and feel that you didn't prosper from. You will always prosper when you put energy into an idea or a plan; it might not always be money, but you'll get something back – whether it be education, more wisdom, credibility, etc. Life is a learning process and like toddlers building with blocks, the process doesn't end until you die, but it takes getting past our fears and issues to take action on our dreams.

You can't expect the project to build itself because you're too afraid it might fail, or make some change in your life; you will never know until you try – and if it fails it's not the end of the world. Try, try again, and you'll always get something positive back: it's those who don't try that get nothing in return.

So now that I've given a pep talk for the day, get your ass in gear! Take action! While you sit there wishing and dreaming, life's passing you by… Stop waiting for money to grow on trees and do something! ~ Ayrora