Q&A With Eye of Love's Jacqui Chowaiki

Alex Glass

Eye of Love recently introduced its “Love on the Run” pheromone fragrances in new 10ml spray applicators. Used to increase a man or woman’s magnetism, the collection includes varieties that attract the opposite and same sex.

The Love on the Run 10ml sprays feature the same qualities as the standard mini roll-ons, yet it’s longer lasting and can fit in a purse or pocket. The company says the new size will appeal new demographics.

We have four varieties that are for males to attract females, four for females to attract males, and two for the same gender collection.

“This product is going to be a hit,” said Jacqui Chowaiki, Eye of Love director of marketing and sales. “Many customers have been asking us for larger sizes of the roll-ons The new larger spray bottle comes in at a low price point, high quality fragrance, and the trusted Eye of Love name. It’s the perfect grab-and-go item.”

While the original sizes allow for sampling for short periods of time, the company says that the larger spray applicators offer longer duration between reordering and are the popular choice among salespeople, bartenders and waiters.

Chowaiki sat down with XBIZ recently to talk more about the collection’s wide appeal.

XBIZ: How many sizes is Love on the Run available in?

Jacqui Chowaiki: Love on the Run is currently available in two sizes: 5ml mini roll-ons as well as 10ml sprays. After our initial launch of the mini roll-ons, which sold extremely well, we received many requests from stores wanting larger sizes. They claimed that their customers were connected to the fragrances and effects and wanted more. We are currently in the process of expanding the line into other pheromone products — stay tuned!

XBIZ: Discuss the popularity of the collection . How would you describe the fragrances?

Chowaiki: Our Love on the Run collection is very popular because of the small size and accessibility to everyone. Some of the comments we receive are, “It sells like candy” and “they can’t even re-stock fast enough.” Love on the Run comes in 12 fun and flirty fragrances geared towards our younger clientele. The fragrances range from sweet to floral, clean and fresh. We know everyone wants to experience the pheromone advantage, however not everyone likes the same fragrance. Therefore, we came up with many options to choose from.

XBIZ: How do you appeal to different genders and sexual preferences?

Chowaiki: We have four varieties that are for males to attract females, four for females to attract males, and two for the same gender collection. What we did for the same gender collection is flip the pheromone. So for example, you have your male fragrance paired with your female pheromone to attract a male. Many of the customers buying our same gender collection are actually using it to sell to the same gender clientele. The quickest way to tell which pheromone is in the product is by the bow that you see on the packaging. If it has the bow, it has the female pheromone. If there is a bowtie, it has the male pheromone. Double bow is female to female and double bowtie is male to male.

XBIZ: How many products do you offer in the new spray applicator bottle? Will the new size be available for all Eye of Love products?

Chowaiki: We chose our top-selling fragrances, two from each category so there are six total. The six fragrances we chose are Seduce, Flirt, Rebel, Fierce, Arouse and Dare. This new travel size is now available in all Eye of Love fragrances.