Jamye Waxman: The Female You

Gram Ponante
How do you shoot instructional sex movies, and how do you keep them from looking like porn?

East Coast Intellectual Jamye Waxman was in town last week to film three episodes of her Personal Touch series for Adam & Eve using, as much as she could, real porn couples to act out her radical theories.

One such subversive philosophy is that women don't like it on the face every time, all the time.

"This is the only facial cumshot we've got in the whole series," Waxman explained to me, perhaps guiltily, of the vignette on role-playing featuring Nat Turnher and Jayna Oso in a French Maid outfit.

"There are no other facial cumshots in the entire movie?" I howled. "Who will buy it??"

Waxman, who received her Master's in Sex Education, describes herself as both a Jewish girl from Long Island and as a "sexplorer", distinct from a sexpert.

"Sexperts tend to lecture," she said, "and I want this series to make people feel comfortable with exploring."

Waxman introduces the action and then tactfully backs away when the professionals get to it, sometimes emerging and disappearing from a bathtub. "I don't want people getting turned off by talking heads," she said.

To emphasize this, Waxman suggested she change into something more racy for this photo, forgetting that all America needs to remember about hot Long Island Jewesses is Margot Kidder in The Amityville Horror.

Emulating the award-winning strategy of The Lord of the Rings, the scenes of The Personal Touch trilogy were filmed interchangeably over the course of the past week. Waxman provides intros and helpful pointers and then fades away. The movies were directed by Jim Malibu.

Waxman joins a small group of educational pornmakers working out of larger studios. Adam & Eve already does well with Nina Hartley's Sex Guides and Vivid is preparing to release the first movie from its educational label, Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Anal Sex.

I asked Waxman how her work would be different, and who her market was. She said one advantage might be that she is not perceived as a porn star, despite the skirt, but that she is still comfortable talking about sex in front of a camera. She also has the wherewithal to not be on camera all the time.

Hartley's star status might also hinder the attraction of younger viewers not familiar with her.

Turnher and Oso had a sweaty scene, hardly remedied by Oso's feather duster.

Turnher walked by after finishing.

"I hope this doesn't sound inappropriate," Waxman said, "but you have a beautiful penis."

"I'm shy," Turnher said.

"One thing that's a very conscious effort is who I'm addressing when I speak to the camera," Waxman said. "When I say 'you', it's always for the female, because she's the person I can address."

With that in mind, I thought briefly of the line of couples'-friendly but male-oriented sex tapes I could release, with provocative themes like "How To Get Her To Invite Her Sister Over", "Outside the Strike Zone: How To Not Come in Her Hair or Eye before a Fundraiser, Bris, or Other Public Event", and containing tips on creating a stalking-horse porn stash filled with frothy softcore titles so she doesn't go looking for your Early Max Hardcore collection.

I am sure that The Personal Touch series will do well, if only because Jayna Oso looked a lot more contented here than when I saw her gangbanged by a soccer team.

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