How We Surf the Net

Darren Frei, Jim McDonough

Editor's Note: with the recent addition of the Gay Expressway message board to XBiz’ popular family of adult Webmaster forums, there has been a lot of talk here about targeting this market segment – which is often overlooked by “straight” Webmasters. For those wanting to learn more about “the gay market,” here’s an article that will give you a great introduction. ~ Stephen

It’s obvious that the Internet functions, in part, as a glorified peep show booth — just look at our ads!

But where on the Web does one click in the afterglow of an online shag? Could it be that some gay men don’t reach straight for the sex wax before they paddle out on another surfing safari? Enough with the mixed metaphors — the fact of the matter is that only 13% of the respondents in Cybersocket’s online survey said that viewing porn occupied most of their online time.

From shopping and socializing to reading, writing, and the Eurythmics, the list of what to do online goes on and on. And so, in our never-ending quest to understand what makes gay and lesbian Internet users “click,” we’ve compiled the results of said survey in the following pages. But if the numbers alone fail to enlighten, we flesh out the online habits of four very real random Web surfers (one of whom owns a very real surfboard)!

95% of Cybersocket readers are male.

43% of Cybersocket readers are between the ages of 26–35

  • 28% are ages 36–45
  • 21% are over 45
  • 15% are ages 19-25
  • 2% are under 18

56% of Cybersocket readers are college graduates. 15% are full time students.

What year did you go online?

  • 29% - 1993
  • 48% - 1998
  • 14% - 2001
  • 3% - 2002

69% of respondents have their own website. But only 17% generate income from it.

70% of our readers say they’ve physically met someone they were introduced to online. Whether or not they got “physical” is none of your goddamn business!

91% feel that the Internet is a safe place to purchase. Only 83% said the same thing last year. Looks like the consistent delivery of dildos is inspiring consumer confidence!

68% have purchased music online.

52% have purchased adult videos online.

64% have purchased online porn memberships.

7% say that they’ve never made an online purchase.

50/50 Cybersocket readers are split down the middle when it comes to participating in online auctions. They’re also split when it comes to paying bills online.

Books and entertainment products are the most popular online shopping categories. Thank God for the queer tendency toward chronic boredom!

70% use the Internet at work. I wonder if this includes the 13% who say viewing porn occupies most of their online time. In last year’s poll, only 59% were wired in the workplace.

21% of the dudes who read Cybersocket own a Dell. Only 5% are Mac daddies.

7% of Cybersocket readers do not own a computer. What is wrong with you people!

10% of the ten percent of us who are gay and lesbian have NEVER gambled online. Amazingly low considering that we excel at every other vice known to man.

41% of our readers have webcams.

11% are bloggers.

36% have posted their naked photos online. Funny, they all posted the exact same photo, too.

The Internet’s impact on your social life has been...

  • Positive - 59%
  • No effect - 35%
  • Negative - 3%
  • Nothing selected - 3%

How many hours a week do you spend online?

  • More than 20 - 41%
  • 10–15 hours - 18%
  • 5–10 hours - 17%
  • 15–20 hours - 12%
  • 1–5 hours - 8%
  • Less than one - 3%
  • Nothing selected - 1%
Books and entertainment products are the most popular online shopping categories. Thank God for the queer tendency toward chronic boredom!

What occupies most of your online time?

  • Researching - 29%
  • Other - 22%
  • Chatting - 21%
  • Viewing Porn - 13%
  • Reading - 10%
  • Shopping - 5%

Online Ads

  • strongly dislike - 21%
  • dislike - 22%
  • neutral - 40%
  • useful - 11%
  • very useful - 2%
  • no selection - 4%

Popup Ads

  • strongly dislike - 58%
  • dislike - 26%
  • neutral - 12%
  • useful - 2%
  • very useful - 0%
  • no selection - 3%

Check out the case studies found at Cybersocket which reveal an inside look at the online habits of members of “the gay market.”