Making the Global Sale

Kath Blackwell

Any seasoned webmaster knows, when it comes down to making the sale you’ve got to be smooth, you’ve got to be savvy – and you’ve got to make the surfer feel “safe, secure and comfortable” parting with his money.

After all, buyer’s remorse is one of the top reasons behind most charge-backs – and a customer who doesn’t feel comfortable by the time he gets to the end of your tour and hits your join page probably won’t ever even make the purchase at all.

But when you talk about global traffic – it’s a completely brand new market. Sure, the tour is the same idea and of course the join page consists of the same elements, but the “type” of processing choices that surfers have in other countries is different from what we’re used to in the US.

Understanding what your surfers are going to be looking for – knowing what types of payment offerings they are going to expect – that’s a big part of knowing how to properly market to this global demographic.

Okay a show of hands… Who doesn’t know what a dialer is? Good… I think most Americans know about dialers, have used them, have heard about them or have at least seen advertising pertaining to this type of processing. A dialer is a software program that is downloaded by the surfer from the pay site. Users sign on to the website and pay by the minute for the time that they are logged on. Of course this doesn’t work well for monthly charges or recurring sales – and this process only works with surfers on dial-up modem accounts, but this is one of the options preferred by some surfers across Europe. Dialers should at least be an offering in your processing arsenal if you are trying to target surfers outside of the US.

Web Call
Just think dialer-for-broadband and you’ve got a basic understanding of what a “web call” payment option is and how it works. This works for cable, LAN connections and DSL users. Again, it only charges per minute and should be considered an “alternative” processing solution and not be used as your primary offering.

Premium SMS
This is a technology that is just starting to appear in US technology-based magazines and is being explored by American companies as an alternative billing solution for web-based and wireless-based businesses. However, in other countries around the world SMS is used with great frequency, in fact it is said that in many European towns you can see people walking down the street typing messages more often than you see them chatting on cell phones. SMS is a technology that involves sending and receiving text messages via mobile phone. SMS is used for many types of purchases including new cell phone rings, movie schedules, screen savers and yes, even adult content.

Pre-paid Solutions
Just like pre-paid phone cards that are popular at just about every 7-11 corner store in the US, consumers around the globe are also familiar with this payment option and use it for many different types of purchases. This is a great “guaranteed” way to receive payment for many retailers – it’s just like accepting cash.

Direct Debit
Americans are also becoming increasingly familiar with the benefits of this payment option. Not to be confused with debit/ATM cards (which are also used worldwide), direct debit solutions take payment for online purchases and memberships directly from the user’s bank account. It’s a quick, easy and safe way to make purchases online.

Credit Cards
Surprise! Some Europeans and customers in other countries actually DO use credit cards. It’s just not as readily done elsewhere as it is here, and other card options are given outside of the typical Visa/MC that we see here.

Getting Expert Help
For American webmasters and site owners who are looking to get into International marketing – it truly is a big, wide, unexplored world full of new challenges, new obstacles – yet still overflowing with opportunity. Before you dive in head first, try an International traffic affiliate program to test your traffic, find out what countries your niches are attracting and explore the different types of options your traffic prefers.

With over 25 different languages, over 70 niche sites and 7 different ways to process your global conversions, is an excellent way to test the International waters. Our partnership program pays 50-70% lifetime recurring on all sales and we also offer webmaster referrals and commissions on all up-sells within our sites including tokens, dialer charges and other purchases.

Contact our Sales Department today via or visit our website at for more details on how you can start profiting from your global traffic today!

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