A Matter of Focus

Stephen Yagielowicz
In America, they say, the most oft-failed business is a restaurant. While patrons and passersby might wonder why a particular restaurant closed, debating whether it was the location or the menu selections, hours of operation, the pricing of the entrees or whether or not the restaurant had a liquor license; these factors are rarely the problem...

The problem is typically the fact that restaurants are opened by someone who knows how to cook, likes doing it a lot and thinks that it would be great to get paid for it; especially when everyone who has enjoyed this person’s food has remarked “You’re a great cook! You should open a restaurant!”

Being a great cook and knowing how to manage the business of running a restaurant are too VERY different things, however; thus the high failure rate... It’s not just a matter of how good the food is, but of where the freshest vegetables come from; who has the best price on linen laundering, dealing with staffing issues and more.

At the end of the day, the person that loved to cook so much that they opened their own restaurant, simply doesn’t have the time to cook…

A similar example can be found in the world of adult content production; where a fellow with a camera and a desire to photograph beautiful, naked women, decides to open his own content company or website. Soon enough, the demands of running his own business leave very little time for him to be shooting.

If you want to shoot content, then shoot content – and let someone else handle all of the marketing, sales and distribution for you.

Just like the cook who can no longer spend time in the kitchen of his restaurant doing what he enjoys because all of his time is taken up with making sure the payroll gets done, photographers and videographers who open production or content companies can easily find themselves doing everything BUT shooting content and producing – the very things they entered the biz to do.

We talk about niches an awful lot in this business, but rarely discuss our own niches: some of us are great with search engines; some of us are great with cameras; some of us can even write. Very few of us can do everything; leaving the smart ones to specialize.

Sometimes, you'll be happier doing what you want as part of an organization than you'll be if you were doing it all yourself. It’s just a matter of focusing on what you want.