New Directions: The Screaming O Gives Modern Update to Consumer Favorites

Harriet Shipp

The Screaming O has created a name for itself creating quality products made of body-safe materials and pricing them to be accessible to consumers of all budgets, something the team fondly refers to as the “Screaming O Treatment.” Now with a decade under its vibrating belt, The Screaming O is giving new product categories the same treatment, taking popular mainstays — including hand-held massagers and male desensitization spray — and making them with equal quality at lower price points. The company says its inspiration comes from a core belief that healthy, satisfying sex shouldn’t have to be budgeted.

The company says it officially announced its commitment at one of the industry’s biggest semi-annual sex toy conventions.

We’re taking the guess work out of the manufacturing process and making a commitment to consumers (and our customers) that if it comes from The Screaming O, it’s a product you can rely on. -Conde Aumann, The Screaming O

“Everyone deserves the best quality and most body-safe materials at the lowest prices possible and it’s time to provide people with affordable alternatives to the $80-plus options currently overwhelming the market,” The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann says. “The Screaming O is positioned to be retailers’ one-stop-shop for these kinds of intimate essentials and this is the first step of many to come!”

The first category to get the Screaming O Treatment was male desensitization spray, a product meant to provide temporary relief from one of the most common concerns among men of all adult ages: premature ejaculation. The first step was to create a U.S.-made over-the-counter formula following the FDA’s guidelines with lidocaine as its base, and while the research and development team handled the regulatory heavy lifting, the company says it was up to operations to see how they could make a superior product with better value to the end user — and The Screaming O’s supply chain.

According to The Screaming O, the FDA-compliant market leaders at the time included an outdated brand with 120 sprays per bottle and a newer brand that cost nearly $80 for 60 sprays total. Focused on providing a solid price-per-spray ratio, The Screaming O says it set out to modernize the male desensitizer market and the result was Dynamo Delay, a legally made male genital desensitizer spray that features 13 percent Lidocaine USP with a 35 percent more concentrated formula — and with more than 270 sprays per bottle. Dynamo Delay was developed in accordance with FDA protocols and registered with a national drug code, which according to The Screaming O, the majority of male genital desensitizer sprays lack.

The Screaming O next made a move on the battery-powered hand-held massager market. The development team began researching various vibration frequencies and displacements to see what (if at all) would be optimal for a clitoral massager. Referencing a 2012 pilot study published in the research journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy, The Screaming O chose to use low-pitched motors in its new hand-helds to offer a deeper rumble sensation unlike most battery-powered vibes available. And the resulting products included three colorful and powerful massagers boasting unique characteristics, strong motors, and competitive price points.

The OVibe is a hand-held massager that directs vibration through a hygienic silicone head, cone-shaped to cradle the clitoris (or any erogenous zone) while pin-pointing two speeds of stimulation. Loosely paying homage to the electric massagers of yesteryear, the ergonomic vibrator is marked at $19.95 MSRP and gives users a body-safe, budget-friendly option.

The PoPVibe is a take on a classic lollypop-like shape that packs three powerful speeds plus pulsation into a motor that sits in the rounded silicone-coated head — ideal for optimal clitoral stimulation. With an elongated neck curved for wrist relief and available in bright colors — including current “it” shade of turquoise — the PoPVibe is a modern option priced at less than $30.

OBob is a cheeky and fun hand-held vibe shaped like the reliable and powerful Battery Operated Boyfriend or Buddy that consumers wish they had on hand. Its lightweight shape emulates that of classic wand massagers with a smooth, rounded head the bends and flexes with the user’s movements. OBob offers three vibration speeds plus pulsation for $29.95 MSRP.

“Our newest suite of sex toys is the beginning of something big for us and we’re excited to continue giving this ‘Screaming O Treatment’ to consumers’ favorite products,” Aumann said. “We’re taking the guess work out of the manufacturing process and making a commitment to consumers (and our customers) that if it comes from The Screaming O, it’s a product you can rely on. We started this with our product materials verification and labeling campaign at the start of the year and we continue using evidence and scientific support wherever possible in order to sustain the invaluable trust of our fans.”