Search Engine Gold: 1

Morgan Carey AKA “SEO Guy”

At the recent “Internext” adult webmasters conference in Florida, I decided to take it upon myself to evaluate the level of “search engine” awareness that exists within the adult webmaster community.

By placing an poster advertising search engine optimization services along with my standard and adverts, I was able to gauge the reactions of the adult webmaster community to such an unconventional booth, at such a conventional show. The results of my study were more surprising than ANY live sex shows that I attended in the evenings following the daily events.

I assumed that with the adult industry being as dominant as it is in today’s market that I would have the chance to compare notes with some of the industry “greats” and perhaps even learn a thing or two. What I learned is that with the Internet, YOU CAN NEVER ASSUME…

As I stood proudly in front of my booth in anticipation of defending my search engine optimization prowess to many an industry leader, I quickly learned that I was to be the teacher and the subject was to be search engines.

SEO, you know “search engine optimization” I would say, and to this I was confronted with that same confused look that a puppy gives when it is scolded for messing on the floor. Constructing your websites to achieve high rankings in the major search engine results for targeted keywords enabling you to harness the majority of the market’s free traffic, and thus convert more sales, with less cost: “That stuff converts?”

Well maybe that last statement is an exaggeration as the more typical response was “I don’t usually pay much attention to the free search engines I buy my traffic that way I can be sure it converts.” With that response I began writing this article series to address and educate those of you who have too long allowed the plethora of free search engine traffic available to fall by the wayside due to common misconception or ignorance.

Fiction: PPC traffic is more targeted than SE traffic and produces higher conversion. Fact: A visitor from Google is the same as a visitor from Overture; the only difference is that you make more off the visitor from Google because you didn’t have to pay for the click. With such an easy ROI comparison, why is it that Adult webmasters are still concentrating on PPC’s, TGP’s, banners, link exchanges and spam? And to top it off they have the audacity to bitch about conversion…

Search Engine Traffic Is Gold
Proper keyword research and relevancy based optimization produces search engine traffic possessing some of the highest industry conversion percentages. This conversion comes by virtue of SE’s uniquely democratic nature with regards to relevance.

It’s a simple formula: A surfer types in a keyword query and is presented with results based on the most relevant sites for that keyword. The user evaluates and clicks on the site with the most appealing title and description and is presented with a site that portrays exactly what they were looking for. End result: high conversions.

This is not rocket science so why ignore the search engines? Is there some urban legend about getting free traffic? There are hundreds of terms which are relevant to any given niche market and those terms have the potential to yield hundreds of thousands if not millions of monthly unique visitors, so get on the damn train will ya – start SEO’ing your sites and increase that ROI.

If you SEO for your products properly then the terms that people are finding your site on have a higher likelihood of converting those people then if the search term you are found on has nothing to do with your site so keep your SEO relevant and you have got a guaranteed winner.

But how do I optimize my website? Over the next several weeks I will be offering a free search engine optimization tutorial in a series of articles here at XBiz. Make sure that you read each one, as complete search engine optimization must be exactly that, COMPLETE! We’ll get started in my next installment. Cheers! Morgan Carey AKA “SEO Guy” - Visit - Search engine optimization for those who strive for excellence!