XBiz News: 08-14-03

Stephen Yagielowicz

This week’s XBiz Industry News takes a look at’s "Million Dollar Summer" promotional campaign, gives a round of GIGA-Thanks, and looks at the launch of Vivid’s long-anticipated VividCash Webmaster affiliate program. Check it out:

Enjoy A "Million Dollar Summer"
From Glendale, California, comes the story of CyberAge’s "Million Dollar Summer" promotional campaign, intended to provide Webmaster affiliates with yet another reason to call the company the "AVS of Choice."

The "Million Dollar Summer" mega advertising campaign will target adult surfers in order to send qualified traffic to the program’s Webmaster affiliates. To do this, will spend a million dollars on purchasing adult keywords from search engines Google, Overture, Lycos, Msn, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, and many others – sending this fresh traffic directly to their links pages, and thus providing new sale and up-sale opportunities for all of the program’s participating Webmasters.

According to CyberAge Marketing Manager, Gary Dginger, "We are always looking for ways to give back to our webmasters and this will be a great way to send them some fresh search engine traffic and generate more sales for our webmasters." Gary continued, "We here at CyberAge have been in the business since 1996 and we know how important our webmasters are, basically without webmasters our company, and any adult company wouldn't exist, so we went out of our way, to bring loads and loads of Fresh New Traffic from some of the top search engines out there, and we distribute that traffic back to the webmasters that made us what we are today, this will not only benefit us, but also some of the sponsors that are on the websites that use our service, so this is just a little something we are doing for the adult industry, and from what we have seen so far and some of the emails that we have been receiving, it has been working well…"

GIGA-Thanks for Rocking the Boat!
XBiz’ GIGAMIX Yacht Party at Internext, Florida, was so hot that the buzz about it and The Adult Lounge girls live show has just started cooling down. Now that everyone who attended has recovered and settled back into their work routines after this great time of drinking, dancing and daring escapades, it’s time to go and follow up on the new leads and opportunities resulting from this fabulous industry cruise, and to say a few GIGA-Thanks to the following companies for making GIGAMIX all that it was:

And a special thanks goes out to our raffle prize companies, too; Nichewealth, Auction Points, Revenue Content, Adam and Eve, and The Westin – You guys rock!

As a further way to say "Thank You" to all of our supporters, XBiz is extending it’s advertising special, allowing companies to take $200 off ANY XBiz advertising package that’s signed up for by September 15th! Interested? E-mail to get it! Vivid Video launched their long-anticipated cutting edge affiliate program this week. VividCash pays up to $35 per join or 60% rev share, and offers powerfully-branded premium websites featuring the Vivid Girls, plus exclusive videos, photos, and live feeds.

Webmasters Can Cash In With Vivid
Vivid Video launched their long-anticipated cutting edge affiliate program this week. VividCash pays up to $35 per join or 60% rev share, and offers powerfully-branded premium websites featuring the Vivid Girls, plus exclusive videos, photos, and live feeds. Webmasters will appreciate the program’s quality marketing tools and robust stats, and with Vivid’s experienced support team and helpful resources, the program’s affiliate Webmasters are sure to make money from their hard earned traffic.

Founded in 1984, the Vivid Entertainment Group is well known for its "Vivid Girl" concept under which top adult film stars are signed to exclusive agreements that are styled on the old Hollywood ‘contract star’ system. Placing heavy emphasis on high quality erotic film entertainment for the couples market, Vivid is known for its innovative technological advances such as full function DVDs and popular Websites, such as

Earlier this year, Webquest, Inc., a company founded during 1996 in Westlake Village, California, building its brand on managing affiliate services, consulting, and adult industry website development, finalized a deal with Vivid Entertainment to manage their online division. After months of planning and hard work, they have created one of the most complete sponsorship programs on the net, carefully taking into consideration all of the feedback they received from webmasters about conversion rates, updates, marketing tools, and the stats detail they need to help maximize their traffic and their bottom line.

"I truly believe every webmaster that signs up for our program will be as satisfied and excited about the program as we are. We’re raising the bar and setting a new standard of expectations. and in these uncertain times you want to be sure to partner with a program and a company that will be there for the long term. VividCash and Vivid are certainly the right choice!" said Vivid Marketing Manager Leslie Sharp.

There you have it; the latest industry happenings in the fast changing world of online adult. Stay tuned to XBiz, your Industry Source for daily news and information! ~ Stephen

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