Web Depot: Use Tooltips To Guide Your Site's Visitors

Stephen Yagielowicz

As websites become more feature-filled, the wide variety of controls and navigational options can easily confuse users. Enter html5tooltips.js, a light, free and clean JavaScript for creating tooltips with smooth 3D animation, without relying on additional frameworks.

According to the script’s publisher, tooltips fit the modern UI wave and remain a very useful detail that gives an impression of solid UI design — while animation makes things look natural and complete. Thus, several animation presets are available in this script, including fold, roll, scale, slide and spin — adding movement that captures the viewer’s attention, which is especially important when the user interface is over laden with controls. And because every unique site design requires unique color, a large palette of predefined colors is available.

The tooltips are compatible with older browsers including IE7, while the animation works in Chrome 1.0, Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 10, Opera 10.5, and Safari 3.2 or newer.