Spring Cleaning

Stephen Yagielowicz
It’s March already? How time flies… Spring is in the air, and quite soon, housewives everywhere will launch upon a yearly chore: Spring cleaning – opening up all the rooms, airing things out, removing dust and cobwebs, and washing windows for a better view…

Shouldn’t you be doing the same for your website?

The truth of the matter is that regardless of the frequency of content updates, many sites remain stagnant after launch; relying on the infrastructure and feature set they initially offered, with few improvements in navigation, design and usability.

Often this is the result of webmasters launching properties and then quickly moving on to the next project with nary a look back. But in today’s incredibly competitive marketplace, increased revenues may be more likely to result from improvements in existing properties than from launching new ones.

It’s not necessarily an issue of totally rebuilding your site, but of addressing any of the shortcomings that could have become obvious since its launch. If you’re smart, you’ve made it easy for your customers to contact you – now’s the time to incorporate any of the suggestions they might have made, or to fix any problems they might be encountering.

What about link rot? Sites are increasingly transient these days, with URLs changing and sites closing (or re-opening under new ownership) seemingly all the time. If you haven’t been keeping your reciprocal links up to date, you might be bleeding traffic without any benefit to you. Not everyone uses automated link-bots to validate their links; now might be a good time to click around and see what you find.

There are an endless number of chores involved in spring cleaning, whether the property is real or virtual. Why not roll up your sleeves and get to work? You have only your ‘dirt’ to lose, and a clearer ‘view’ to gain.