Dynamo Arrives: The Screaming O Reinvents the Delay Spray Game

Harriet Shipp

According to the Mayo Clinic, premature ejaculation affects up to a third of American men, yet affordable, effective and legally produced solutions remain hard to come by with only a few FDA-compliant over-the-counter (OTC) drug products from which to choose.

Seeing an opportunity to innovate, The Screaming O set to work to create Dynamo Delay, a legal OTC male genital desensitizer spray developed in accordance with FDA protocols and registered with a national drug code (NDC). Dynamo Delay gives men and their partners a real medicine to treat their needs.

The Screaming O says it chose Lidocaine over Benzocaine as the active ingredient in Dynamo Delay due to its potency and positive reputation in the medical field as one of the most effective chemical compounds used for its numbing ability.

Dynamo Delay potent male genital desensitizer spray has an FDA-approved indication to treat premature ejaculation and slow the onset of orgasm. According to the company, its formula is 35 percent more concentrated than the competition and requires less product for the same effect. Dynamo Delay provides fast-acting and safe results with a formula that contains 13 percent Lidocaine.

Dynamo Delay’s Lidocaine is tested against the U .S. Pharmacopeia (USP) reference standard to ensure identity, strength, quality and purity, the company says. USP was founded almost 200 years ago to test medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements and works with scientists and regulators around the world to help secure the quality of the American drug supply. Since 1820, all legal drugs sold in the U.S. are subject to these test standards, which are enforceable by the FDA and employed in more than 140 other countries. Along with its NDC, Dynamo Delay’s packaging prominently features the USP moniker to further validate the product’s safety and efficacy while promoting consumer trust.

“It was time for us to give this category the Screaming O treatment and create a modern and remarkably better alternative to the leading male genital desensitizer on the market,” The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “Dynamo Delay’s pricing structure allows for far superior margins to our supply chain partners while providing consumers with an FDA-compliant product they can trust. We’re very proud of the final result and our customers’ excitement proves the industry is more than ready for a new desensitizer spray with a fresh perspective.”

The Screaming O says it chose Lidocaine over Benzocaine as the active ingredient in Dynamo Delay due to its potency and positive reputation in the medical field as one of the most effective chemical compounds used for its numbing ability. First invented in 1943 by Swedish anesthesiologists, Lidocaine was approved for medical use by the FDA in 1948 and remains one of the most studied and best understood drugs on the market.

More than 50 years later, it was discovered and officially published that Lidocaine was useful in delaying ejaculation with little side effects when applied as instructed. Lidocaine as a topical desensitizing agent has since been tested and shown effective in men aged 23-70.

“Lidocaine works by blocking the signals your nerves use to tell your brain that you are experiencing sensations,” Erika Batchelder, a San Diego-based molecular biologist whom was recently tapped by The Screaming O to provide complete breakdowns and explanations of all resources related to safety, composition and production of the most common materials found in sex toys. “There are many ways to help delay ejaculation, but the easiest area to focus on is the initial sensation input. Numbing the penis slows down the amount of signal the brain is receiving and thus slows the production of the neurotransmitters that signal the ejaculation mechanism.”

When applied topically, the numbing sensation can happen relatively quickly, depending on the person, Batchelder says, and users can expect to feel effects around 15 minutes after spraying. This can last anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the individual, and does not have a negative effect on the user’s ability to ejaculate – just the amount of time it takes him to get there.

With so many desensitizing options on store shelves, but so few of them with FDA-approved indications, The Screaming O says it encourages its customers to classify the “cosmetics” from true OTC drugs and market them accordingly. While not required, The Screaming O prints its NDC and FDA-approved indication on every box to promote consumer confidence and responsible manufacturing, all while giving consumers more reason to trust Dynamo Delay for their intimate needs.


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