Web Depot: Webflow, Getting The Flow Of Responsive Design

Stephen Yagielowicz

Webflow allows users to create professional, responsive production sites, not just mockups, without writing code — either from scratch or by using one of the many included templates. Webflow automatically generates clean and valid W3C-compliant HTML5 and CSS3 code as you design, with no developers required, adding the needed code to ensure that all sites render consistently across different browsers. For those wishing to collaborate with developers for custom programming, Webflow makes it painless to share site designs.

Webflow further extends its flexibility by managing media queries, with its intuitive interface making responsive design a breeze, while its total control over the coding environment drastically reduces development time. The class-based design system puts designers in control, so they can apply precise styles to any page element, or multiple elements at once. Webflow also makes it easy to design for any resolution — allowing users to switch their canvas to a different device to optimize the design without digging through nested media queries.