IVD/ECN Company Vets Brian Herbstman, Jereme Cohen Take on New Roles

Alex Glass

For more than 30 years, International Video Distributors (IVD) and its sister company East Coast News (ECN) have climbed to the top of the adult distribution mountain, growing from a single, small warehouse in New Jersey to a network of three facilities across the country. Employing more than 200 team members and serving retailers around the world, the companies’ operation has thrived, no matter what the market has thrown at it.

Staying ahead of the curve has always been the prime directive of the distributors’ founders. Recently honored with the Industry Pioneer Award from XBIZ, IVD|ECN owners Frank and Michael Koretsky remain the driving force and focus behind the companies’ forward momentum. Their vision and commitment to the success of their customers and vendor partners has forged some of the strongest relationships in the business.

Based on its ubiquitous globe logo, IVD|ECN leadership chose the phrase as a permanent reminder of to whom the companies’ success is owed — the customers and partners whom have remained loyal since 1985.

In 2012, the companies adopted their current slogan, “Our World Revolves Around You.” Based on its ubiquitous globe logo, IVD|ECN leadership chose the phrase as a permanent reminder of to whom the companies’ success is owed — the customers and partners whom have remained loyal since 1985. Staffers see the line on every piece of communication as a reminder that they work for the customers, and that those loyal people represent the future of the company.

Fast forward to 2015, when IVD|ECN ownership asked its management team to think about what could be done to extend beyond past goals and perceived limitations. Driven by the understanding of a customer-centric business, the company turned to two of its employees to step into new roles as the distributor enters its next phase.

Brian Herbstman, an industry fixture who has been part of the IVD|ECN family for nearly 20 years, was named executive vice president of sales and marketing at the beginning of this year. Lending his sales and business experience to the new role, Herbstman is now responsible for sculpting the distributor’s sales and promotional objectives and overseeing long-range strategic planning.

According to the company, Herbstman was instrumental in the expansion of IVD|ECN’s locations to include Los Angeles and Pembroke Park, Fla. Herbstman temporarily relocated from New Jersey to oversee each of the new facilities establishment.

“Ask anyone from this industry and they’ll tell you that I love what I do,” Herbstman said. “This company has been part of my life for my entire working career, and it’s really a pleasure to be in a position where I can continue to help ECN reach new heights.”

Joining Herbstman in a new role is Jereme Cohen, now filling the shoes of sales manager for IVD and ECN. Looking after daily operations of the distributor’s nationwide sales force, Cohen has been with the company for nearly 15 years.

Focused on improving service to their vast customer base, Cohen now calls on his years’ of experience building and maintaining relationships while working with the company’s sales force and support staff. Cohen says his goal is to inspire personal growth within each team member while attention remaining customer-focused.

“It’s an honor to be entrusted with such a heavy responsibility,” Cohen said. “Having worked my way to this position, I can speak to and encourage every co-worker with a shared point of view. I’ve ‘been there,’ and understand what our team faces on a daily basis — and it’s very satisfying to see my input making a positive impact.”

Together, Herbstman and Cohen say that they are creating and executing short and long term plans for changes designed to keep IVD & ECN locked in as industry leaders, and to keep everyday operations in three states rolling smoothly. Regarding the core focus of their planning, the pair makes a promise to their customers and partners — “we’re listening.”

“A lot of what we doing comes directly from customer and employee input,” Cohen said. “We’re looking ahead. We’re asking questions. We’re recognizing where we can be better than ever before, and then we’re implementing necessary changes to set and achieve new goals.”

Herbstman added, “Our customers will have already noticed steps that we’ve taken to improve their experience. From minor changes in the way orders are processed, packed and shipped to implementation of a range of new programs that keep them better informed of new products and promotions, everything we’re doing is aimed at making it easier for our customers to do business with us – and ultimately succeed.”

In addition to IVD|ECN’s product catalog, the companies offer several services to help customers. From its drop shipping and e-commerce service — Adult Drop Shipper — to the introduction of text message based updates for wholesale customers.

“We are a full-service organization,” IVD|ECN Retail Coordinator Justin Vickers said, “We know that retailers rely on us to not only keep their shelves stocked, but their staff educated. Between the material we make available, our shows and regional training events, we hold up that end of the bargain as well.”

Between IVD and ECN, the distributors offer more than 100,000 DVDs and 20,000 pleasure products, novelties and accessories. Operating from three nationwide locations, the company says it is typically able to stock shelves anywhere in the contiguous United States within two to three days’ ship time.

Adult retailers and e-tailers interested in learning more about IVD and ECN may contact Cohen directly at (800) 999-2483, ex1. 279, or by email at jereme@ivd1.com. To stay up to date on new product releases, news and promotions via text message alerts, text ECN to 313131 for pleasure products, and for DVD information, text “IVD” to 313131.