Web Depot: SecretToolbox Keeps Your Sex Life Secret

Stephen Yagielowicz

A Windows-based desktop application, SecretToolbox is not a toolbar, but a comprehensive software system for secure file protection, management and viewing, which includes a robust toolset that goes far beyond the limited efficacy of simple encryption.

The SecretToolbox takes the concept of hiding files and enhances it — allowing users to browse the web in privacy using a secret browser — with a secret media player for viewing photos and videos without any history trail or need for users to unencrypt files, which can potentially expose them.

The SecretToolbox includes a media organizer that supports custom categories, comments and tags, with a built-in search engine for easy access; provides a video bookmarker and playlist maker; and uses effective 256-bit encryption and other techniques to make protected files — and the software itself —invisible to prying eyes. Standard keyboard shortcuts are not used, only a set of secret combo keys and a password protocol that defies keylogging.