Profit Potential: Widening the Net

Shay E

Affiliates generate money! For themselves and for the websites they promote. They choose an affiliate program that offers them benefits and advantages to help them achieve their goals. If one affiliate program doesn’t generate a good income, they’ll move onto another one. The trick to keeping your affiliates loyal — and thereby increasing your own revenue — is to give them everything they need to help them succeed.

Changing markets dictate the importance of giving affiliates strong, high-converting sites in the main market segments of the adult industry, but also in niche areas. The wider the variety, the more they have to promote, the more ways they have to increase traffic and the higher the potential to bring in the big bucks. In addition, providing them with a variety of top-earning payment programs will enable them to maximize their profits (and yours) on a continuous basis.

The trick to keeping your affiliates loyal — and thereby increasing your own revenue — is to give them everything they need to help them succeed.

Keeping up-to-date with trends in adult means your business is always evolving and the drawing board needs to be filled with new ideas constantly. Our aim is to optimize our affiliates’ traffic and improve earning potential for everyone involved, and we realized we had to increase our offering on PussyCash.com in order to move forward. If a business can’t keep up with the changes in the market, it may well end up on the chopping block.

Giving Users More Options Helps Affiliates

The online adult entertainment world is getting more and more competitive and guests are becoming more selective in their tastes. Not only do they want more for their money — bigger discounts, more promotions, bulk deals — but they also want more creativity from the webcam models and more interaction with the storyline instead of the same old porn videos. All in all, they’re looking for more than just live sex cam chats, and they want to make their own decisions when it comes to directing performances.

By offering themed shows, like CamsCreative.com, for example, where models take guests into various rooms in the house or choose different themes and focus their performances on activities that center around that specific room or theme, e.g.: in the basement (fetish), gym or playroom, in the shower or kitchen, cleaning or cooking, guests have choices that give them variety, options to direct and way more excitement.

CamsCreative is a completely new concept in the adult industry that enables us to offer a fast-converting webcam site that also gives the users great value for their money! The site was designed to quickly convert chat traffic and email marketing traffic, and to enable affiliates to benefit from cross-sales and traditional promotions — with high success rates.

Interactive sites are on the rise and developing relationships with selective partners to brand new products is another way to go. Sites like iDesires.com enable guests to interact with the show through choosing options within a video that lead to different outcomes. Although these types of shows have been around for a while, they are becoming more and more popular and are giving guests more variety. After all, who can resist an experience where you get to tell a sorority sister what you want her to do, or you can have some fun with a hottie in the office? iDesires.com also offers the option to “spend a day” with a porn star where guests give instructions based on personal choices and decisions.

Niche Lifestyle Sites Triumph And Affiliates Rake It In

We’ve noticed that people looking for adult sites often prefer niche sites that cater to their specific needs. Many don’t want to have to search through a general website in the hopes of finding what want. They also want more than just live sex cam chats. Features like video-on-demand, magazine articles, blogs by porn stars, local spots in different cities around the world, etc., are giving guests more reasons to go online and stay online for longer.

Sites that allow guests to select exactly what they require, whether they’re gay, lesbian, transgender, fetish lovers or something else, are highly in demand. If there’s a site that caters to a specific need, there is a better chance that traffic will increase to these sites, especially if they are promoted effectively. And the more focused they are, the better. This is the reason websites like Shemale.com, which has garnered a reputation as a trendy, popular and successful site for transgender fans who love everything about trans; FetishGalaxy.com, one of the hottest fetish communities on the web; and Supermen.com, which caters to the gay adult market, have become all the rage.

One-stop adult shops that provide everything from live sex chats and videos to articles about everything sex-related and a shop where you can find all the sex accessories you need are also bringing in quality traffic and increasing options even further. Creating sites to fill the gaps and boost traffic is why some adult entertainment companies are more successful than others — and is why the creation of a one-stop sex portal like Sex.xxx (currently in the beta stage) is in development. This will give affiliates and partners even greater advantages in the future.

New, original shows and interactive sites not only encourage extra traffic, but also keep users coming back to the sites time after time. This means the user value increases exponentially and affiliates can focus on the revshare business model, which benefits everyone involved. In addition, the higher the user value, the more a company can pay per signup. Affiliates can therefore capitalize on the opportunities and grow their profits.

Going Mobile

Mobile traffic is the goldmine that has taken the world by storm. This avenue has opened up the market in an explosive way and fast conversions are turning clicks into mega-bucks. Websites that are mobile-friendly will not only be ranked higher according to Google’s new ranking algorithm, but will also pick up far more guests than ever before. Sites that don’t have mobile versions yet, or that offer poor products on the various mobile devices, will lose market share, and those that have developed apps alongside their websites will triumph over those that haven’t.

Mobile users obviously have more access and more time to get in on the action. No matter where they are or what time of day or night it might be, they’ll be able to check out their favorite sites, take advantage of the webcam shows and spend more money. Pussycash has always been at the technology forefront when it comes to up-to-date webcam products for all mobile devices.

Affiliates who promote the sites on mobile are likely to convert traffic far quicker and with less effort. Taking advantage of all the sites available on PC, tablet and mobile, and using the many promotional materials provided to affiliates on sites like PussyCash.com will ensure a profitable business for many years to come.

Optimizing Payment Programs

Every adult webcam site needs a variety of payment programs that give affiliates many ways to increase their revenue. Not only is it essential to provide your affiliates with top quality promotional material to enable them to generate extra traffic, but there should be options that enable them to find their pot of gold. Pay per sign-up (PPS), lifetime revenue sharing (revshare), pay per lead (PPL) and the webmaster referral program (WRP) are among the PussyCash.com business models that enable its affiliates to boost their earning potential.

When we realized the market was changing dramatically and competition was increasing, we had to find new ways to keep up and maintain our market share. As a result, in order to ensure our future success, we increased our website options, thus giving guests more choices and specific niche products. Simultaneously, we provided affiliates with a far larger pool of sites to promote, increase traffic and boost their income. We also decided to take all our sites mobile, which has also turned the tide for affiliates (and models) and also give them greater access to their earning statistics and other information.

By widening the net and giving guests, models and affiliates more ways to meet their needs, we were able to maintain and increase our market share. So don’t rest on your laurels. Keep innovating, keep finding new and unusual ways to enhance your current offerings, and let’s continue working towards maintaining — and even exceeding — the high standards of our industry!

Shay E is vice president of marketing and business development for PussyCash.com.