Exec Seat: Q&A With Steve Callow of Perfect Fit Brand

Ariana Rodriguez

Perfect Fit Brand CEO Steve Callow says he learned a lot from his experience with his first company StreemMaster. Callow established the brand to become the premiere name in the douche category, however it wasn’t enough to sustain the company. The experience was a stepping stone for the entrepreneur to go on to a bigger more comprehensive approach with the launch of Perfect Fit in 2011. With the support of his colleagues and former customers, Callow is now expanding Perfect Fit’s product range and customer reach with innovative designs and high quality products that appeal to men both gay and straight.

In this exclusive Q&A, Callow elaborates on the many qualities that make Perfect Fit stand out among other brands in the male products category.

Definitely we have some products that are meant for the gay customer, but some products lines like our Fat Boy line are sold more to straight consumers than gay. And our cock rings are perfect for men of any inclination. Our launches in July this year will open the doors for Perfect Fit. -Steve Callow, Perfect Fit Brand

XBIZ: Discuss your background. How did you get your start in this business?

STEVE CALLOW: I came into this business as a newbie, without any previous experience in the adult sector. I had an idea for a travel enema system, the StreemMaster, and I decided to manufacture it and that was the beginning of this new career for me.

XBIZ: What inspired the launch of Perfect Fit brand?

CALLOW: Having had a taste of the industry, I was very inspired. Learning from my mistakes at StreemMaster I wanted to create a more well-rounded brand from the get-go, and put to work all my ideas on how to create a line of products that would be unique and desirable.

XBIZ: What makes Perfect Fit different from other male pleasure product brands?

CALLOW: Our tagline says what we aspire to: “Amazing Is Our Standard.” I think our simple but functional design is some of the best in the industry, I say this with some pride as we have been nominated for over 25 awards in the last few years, possibly the most of any male manufacturer in the industry; from our simple masculine cruiser tire designs, to our tunnel plugs and our top-selling Hump Gear. Our products are truly innovative and functional.

XBIZ: How expansive is Perfect Fit’s product range? How many products does Perfect Fit offer?

CALLOW: 2015 will be a banner year for Perfect Fit. We are launching major product lines at ANME in July including a brand new douche line and other very exciting additions to our current lines. Currently we offer eight families of products. We will be expanding this to 12 families by the end of the year, and also we will be adding more breadth to our current lines.

XBIZ: What information does Perfect Fit offer consumers? How would you describe Perfect Fit’s relationship with its customers/fans?

CALLOW: Recognizing that our products are in some cases so unusual, we have been working hard to develop strong knowledge base information for our consumers. We currently have a YouTube channel with videos on all our products. We also have a new website in the works which will explain our products with even more clarity to our consumers. We have a dedicated customer service team who deals directly with questions and calls from consumers and of course we have one of the best warranties in the industry, where we will do what we can to fix a customer issue.

XBIZ: Discuss the company’s growth through the years. How has the brand evolved and expanded?

CALLOW: I think I’m most excited by the success of our brand in the straight sector. Many of the people in the industry know I’m gay and that I design many of the products for Forttroff, a major gay retail site. I think this makes many stores assume my products are for gay consumers. Definitely we have some products that are meant for the gay customer, but some products lines like our Fat Boy line are sold more to straight consumers than gay. And our cock rings are perfect for men of any inclination. Our launches in July this year will open the doors for Perfect Fit.

XBIZ: How has the marketplace for male pleasure products evolved?

CALLOW: We are seeing more competition in this area and that can only mean one thing: that it is expanding! We see other manufacturers creating male brands and this is good for the industry. Gradually I think there is a shift in thinking — that the idea that a man can have a different sexual experience by introducing a product is not so much seen as a shortcoming but rather something exciting to try. Our design is always about performance and pleasure and we feel passionately that our products do exactly that — offer a new experience.

XBIZ: How does Perfect Fit support its community and/or customer base?

CALLOW: We actively support local and national charities and fundraisers. The most recent being the Beach Bear weekend in our hometown, where we were a platinum sponsor. Monies raised from this event went to Abandoned Pet Rescue at the Pride Center.

XBIZ: What are your future goals/expectations for Perfect Fit?

CALLOW: I’d be thrilled if Perfect Fit continued to grow like it has over the last three years. We have gone from the craziness that is associated with starting up a new business to now being more strategic and thoughtful in our product stratification and roll out. I think 2015-16 will be amazing years for us. We have invested heavily in new product development last year and we will start to see the first fruits of this labor this summer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that our customers will like what we’ve done.

XBIZ: What challenges have you confronted in your career and how have you overcome them?

CALLOW: Many people know my story as it relates to my startup company “Callow Innovations” which made the StreemMaster products. After filing bankruptcy there, it was a big challenge to get motivated and have the inner strength to pick up and start again. Glad I did! I thank every customer out there who supported me and helped me get started again. The support from the industry was overwhelming and it made me realize that I have earned a place here.

XBIZ: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

CALLOW: The most rewarding part is definitely seeing customer feedback. My favorite was a customer who wrote in to tell me that after using the Fat Boy Thin his wife had orgasmed during intercourse for the first time in 20 years.

XBIZ: What is your personal motto or mantra that you live by?

CALLOW: There really isn’t one thing, but I have become very fond of Buddhist teachings. Here I’ve learned some simple truths: be mindful of what I do, and do it 100 percent. I truly love what I do and that happiness it provides me translates into products that are full of my passion and best creativity. If it isn’t amazing in some way, I won’t bother.