Free Hosting for Affiliates

Zoltan Csesznik
The idea of providing free hosting to affiliates is still in the newborn phase, with only the biggest players being able to afford a custom hosting site developed to serve their affiliates’ custom needs.

You should know and consider that custom hosting and custom galleries are used by big affiliates who generate significant volume of sales. Therefore ignoring this value-added service can result in high losses.

Affiliates are faced with several problems using today’s free hosts which are provided by affiliate programs:

First, affiliates can only host or promote galleries which are provided by the sponsor. In other words, you are not allowed to upload any content to these free hosts except those which are provided by the affiliate program.

Second, these hosting solutions are real pain in the head. They lack automatization and several important features, like FTP accounts and upload, your own URL, real-time activation and compatibility with popular TGP submitter software, just to mention a few issues... To have your own galleries you have to manage the entire process via a web interface, plus you have to wait two-three days for account confirmation and activation.

And why is this complicated process necessary? Because sponsors can’t really trust affiliates in the sense that they will always use the free hosting correctly and according to the sponsor’s T&C, so they are almost forced to manually verify each and every hosted gallery.

But let’s see another disadvantage: affiliates have to manage as many free hosts as the number of affiliate programs they participate in. Supposing all the above, partners are expected to manage eight-ten accounts, none of which can be automatized. They cannot use popular TGP software to create, manage or upload their custom galleries.

Taking all of the previously mentioned facts into consideration, we were thinking about a solution where we can provide an easy and state-of-art solution to our partners and at the same time increase our traffic and sales.

The idea of is the following: we give free hosting to our affiliates with a real FTP account and real-time gallery activation. Plus we allow affiliates to use any promo materials from literally any other affiliate programs.

Sounds weird? No, we are not insane. Just consider the possibilities if you could place a banner into each third party gallery (galleries or promo content which belong to any other affiliate program). Well, does exactly like that.

I don’t want to bore you with technical details (those are available on our site), but allows your affiliates to host your own promo content in the usual way, plus it allows your affiliates to host any promo content from any sponsors whilst placing your banners into those galleries too.

Does it make sense at all? We firmly believe that for a sponsor the advantages are obvious and indubitable: you get a higher lever of partner loyalty, new promotional possibilities, and last but far from least, you get a huge amount of extra traffic by using someone else’s promo content – just think about it, you can place your very own banners on the promo content of your competitors!

Sounds brilliant? Well we think it is.

And this solution provides several advantages for the affiliates as well, because they don’t need to deal with multiple accounts; you provide them a reliable and flexible hosting solution just as they need it. Sponsors benefit because they can easily place targeted banners according to the niche of the third-party promo content, use gallery verification, and enjoy admin features and more.

If you are interested in getting a unique hosting solution for your affiliate program, email